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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Prank call fallout stokes Wisconsin union fight

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MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – The battle over a plan to curb public sector union power in Wisconsin took a bizarre turn on Wednesday when it was disclosed that the Republican governor told a prank caller he had considered luring Democrats who fled the state back under false pretenses.

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4 thoughts on “Prank call fallout stokes Wisconsin union fight”

  1. Reality Check

    Most people don’t think “government unions” when they hear the words “special interests.” As the battle royal in the Wisconsin statehouse shows, though, they should.

    Government unions stymie education reform to protect their narrow interests — interests that don’t represent America’s students, parents and taxpayers.

    America’s taxpayers want quality education at a reasonable cost. Education unions want guaranteed job security and the best benefits they can get.

  2. Walker will have a rough go trying to play that fifth Ace now that he’s sitting at the table in a wife beaters T-shirt.
    Oh woe when playing the deck of fifty three.

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