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Monday, January 17, 2022

Risks in Egypt were on Obama’s radar early on

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WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) – When a public uprising ousted Tunisia’s leader after two decades in power, U.S. policymakers and intelligence analysts immediately wondered what this might mean for Egypt, the most populous Arab nation and a staunch American ally.

<a href=\\\"\\\" target=\\\"_blank\\\" Read the rest of the story from Reuters News Service.?

2 thoughts on “Risks in Egypt were on Obama’s radar early on”

    • Another smokin’ link Almandine…!

      Well if it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, then it is skunk concerning Obama and ‘friends’…no? There’s a Kenyan prophecy to the effect that he’s going to be the last president of the U.S. . The prophecy mentions an Armageddon scenario for for the U.S. at the hands of such collective treachery.

      Carl Nemo **==

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