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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

An Andrew Breitbart Sermon

“Let me say something a tad newsworthy to the president of the NAACP. You can go to hell." -Former Drudge stool sampler Andrew Breitbart
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1099 – First Crusade: Godfrey of Bouillon is elected the first Defender of the Holy Sepulchre of The Kingdom of Jerusalem.

2005 – Minnesota’s Republican Caucus removed Michelle Bachmann from her leadership position, suggesting that “batshit crazy is not a leadership quality.”


“Let me say something a tad newsworthy to the president of the NAACP. You can go to hell. … I have tapes…tape of racism and it’s an NAACP dinner. You want to play with fire? I have evidence of racism and it’s coming from the NAACP.”
Former Drudge stool sampler Andrew Breitbart


Let’s see if we have the story straight.

Former Drudge stool sampler Andrew Breitbart and his faux white slaver pimp James O’Keefe conspire to creatively edit and concoct a patently false story about ACORN, an underfunded, defenseless, and well-meaning organization that had one major goal – getting the poor to vote.

After a massive display of spinelessness by the White House, Democratic leaders in the house and senate, and to the dismay of millions of progressives and liberals around the country, ACORN quickly ceased to be. Killed by a scam artist, disemboweled by the very people who would benefit from its continued existence, and willfully ignored by a White House which chose to stay “above the fray.”

I don’t know which was worse, the speed with which the Democrats in Congress caved in, the failure of any Democrats to even demand a proper investigation, or the White House’s shamefully tepid, no, absent approach.

Every investigation, including a heavy duty one by the Congressional Research Service into ACORN found no evidence of wrongdoing. Not insufficient evidence, (See generally, the Holder DOJ’s whitewash of Alberto Gonzales, torture, and war crimes) but NO EVIDENCE. None.

The response from the Democratic leadership? Silence. Have Democrats in Congress sought to re-create and reinstall funding for  the best bang for the buck they could possibly have, in terms of electoral politics?  Nope. And the White House? If you ask the Gibblet or any other White House spin artist when they will seek to fund of a new and improved ACORN, the subject will change so fast that your head will spin. This from a former community activist’s administration?  Bah.

His single handed destruction of ACORN has made Andrew Breitbart a hero in certain circles. Koch Industries, Dick the Armey, Mitch McConnell, and others, some very rich, and very much behind the scenes, have been supporting his actions and offering hints and suggestions for future scam targets. Fox News, in particular, made it known privately that two musicals would apply to anything Breitbart would concoct: Anything Goes, andPennies from Heaven.
Given how make believe and connected to reality Hollywood musicals tend to be, Fox’s decision makes a lot of sense.

The unforgivable inaction by the Democrats in response to the ACORN fiasco, their incredibly short attention spans, and their utter, frustrating spinelessness, combined to  create the latest scandal. Not only was the entire MSM (absent CNN, Shep Smith, and one or two other notable exceptions) MIA and acting in a reprehensible manner, but the Administration waited no more than .035 miliseconds to jump off its fence post, and  tofire an innocent, brave, and apparently, admirable Agriculture appointee named Shirley Sherrod. The few Democratic voices brave enough to venture into this Fox/Breitbart firestorm were giving thanks that a black racist, hired by Obama’s Administration,  was fired even before Glenn Beck took his own accusations to the air.

If egg on one’s face were an art form, we’d be building museums for the several folks at the top of the USDA, especially Tom Vilsack, some notable members of congress, as well as some very high ranking administration honchos, who apparently take all administration policy cues from Fox News. The lazy, unprofessional MSM would have an entire wing all to themselves.

What we haven’t looked at was the timing of Breitbart’s release, the overwhelmingly unified (again, absent Shep Smith) response from Fox News, and the swallowing whole of the lies by the MSM.  Let’s consider just what was in the news before his latest scam: The president was about to sign into law a tepid, shallow, hollow, and emasculated Financial Reform bill, while calling it the most impressive financial reform legislation ever. Bait and switch? Still, a bill was so badly needed, that even this pathetic husk of a bill is better than nothing.

What else was in the news? Polls showing Harry Reid’s growing lead over Tea Bagger and resident nutter Sharron Angle, more lies by Mark Kirk, a Tea Bagger caucus  brought to you by the perennial winner of Minnesota’s famous Ms. Delusional Contest, Michelle Bachmann, and other generally pro-Democratic stories. Worst of all, MSM was beginning to look closely at the pre-election platforms of the GOP, and its ugly, illegitimate stepsister, the Tea Baggers, and the uniform conclusion was that the emperor wore no clothes. As distractions go, the timing was perfect.

THAT IS WHY Breitbart timed his release when he did. He chose an obscure public official, a black woman, no less,  the NAACP, and a speech given four months ago. It was its complete lack of relevance to yester-week’s political topics that made it so perfect. Momentum is bad when your opponents have it, and Breitbart had to move when he did to stop ours.

Well, that is twice that Breitbart has snookered folks, and frankly, the uncovering of his scams and lies has had and will have absolutely no adverse impact on him. I suspect that the Koch Foundation is about to double its investment in his activities. I guarantee you that he will be greeted like Sen. Vitter when diaperman returned to the Senate floor. If only they allowed Depends, flowers and candy in the Senate.

Breitbart is no dummy. He edits well. He has a knack for the jugular, although too many Democrats have done their best to tattoo explicit directions on how to find theirs on their own necks. You know he has 4-6 other happening stories in the pot, ready to release when the time is right. I would even bet that one of these stories is factually (or almost) based, and could prove embarrassing to some Democrat, somewhere, at some time.

After this firestorm dies down, he will wait a few weeks to strike again. Just as the Democrats again begin to build momentum, he will release his next video, and this time, the facts may actually be somewhat on point. This allows Sean, Rush, Michelle, Sarah, Bill, Alan, Steve, and so many others to point at Breitbart and claim that he is doing god’s work, and that he is a solid journalist.  Democrats will quickly return to their normal state of fear and spinelessness.

The key, however, is what happens to the following 3-4 stories, the ones that will resemble ACORN and Sherrod in terms of accuracy and deceit. Watch for those releases to be timed for late September, early October, with all malice aforethought and support from FOX. (again, absent Shep Smith) After all, Breitbart has a job to do, and he has been given a stainless steel, razor sharp ax to do it with. This November means everything to the GOP, so watch for the coming storm.

We have to be prepared for Breitbart, and one way to do that is to put the Democratic leadership on notice. Right now. Not about the lovely Ms. Sherrod. She is handling herself perfectly, with grace we seldom see on the public stage.  Instead,  we need to ask them, “Where’s the ACORN legislation?” “Have you no shame?”  “When will you correct the wrong you did to ACORN?”

The side effects will be fun. First, it will put Congressional Democrats on notice just how badly they were scammed. Shame can be a powerful motivator. Next, it will piss off the ultra-right so badly, that it may distract them from doing real damage to our country. And lastly, once we reinstate ACORN, we will have a ready, willing and able pool of voters to help us out in November.

One more point. MSM failed, and failed badly this time around. The way they fell over themselves, replaying a 40 second video clip, and demanding retribution against Ms. Sherrod was disgusting, but also educational. They realized that people do care about real news, real journalism, and real stories. We also learned that Fox News’ Shep Smith has something exceedingly rare within that organization. He has ethics and standards.

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17 thoughts on “An Andrew Breitbart Sermon”

  1. Hey Rob, nice veiled insult – too bad I’m not a tea partier and never have been.

    Even my 17-year-old son can differentiate individualism from collectivism. I overheard a conversation he had with a friend as I drove them to a graduation party on Saturday night…

    So a guy in my neighborhood is a rapist and has a moustache. Does that mean all guys with moustaches are rapists?

    Maybe once he gets into politics he won’t have such uncluttered, independent thooughts.

    • It may. It depends. As a statistics prof once showed me, he put a 100 white marbles in a bag, and dropped in a black one. He then reached in, and picked the black one 10 times in a row. According to statistics, that meant that 100% of the balls were black, even though in “reality” we “knew” that that was not the case.

      I know you are not a tea bagger, you know too much, have read too much and think about what you write. That automatically precludes you from their hot water org.

      • Ha. Just wanted to clarify. I’ll take the compliment and move along now. Until your next one, that is.

  2. What does the acronym NAACP stand for? They, just like the KKK, Aryans, HAMAS, and Rainbow Push are racially motivated organizations and have no place in our democratic society. Why do we give these “shrilling idiots” the microphone?

  3. Here we sit on the threshold of a nuclear world war driven by racist tyrants in the ‘promised land’ and yet we are made to argue about petty egomaniacs

    This is the issue and all roads lead to this issue.

    • Just like the hole in the doughnut or the bottom of the bomb crater, conditioning leaves neither presence nor absence as a surprise.

      Nice pick Eve..

  4. I’m constantly amazed by how well the media’s game works. Here we sit on the threshold of a nuclear world war driven by racist tyrants in the ‘promised land’ and yet we are made to argue about petty egomaniacs like Bachmann, Breitbart and God knows the list is too long to type. But if the media never gave these clowns the megaphone, they would be pumping gas at 7-11 instead of pumping gas on FOX news. And MAYBE, just maybe, we would be able to stay focused on the issues that matter long enough to save the planet, and ourselves. But that seems to be the last thing Our Masters want.

    • They are demonic eugenicists bent on reducing the world population by 9/10ths to around 500 million. Of course they don’t want us to band together to save the planet. That is in direct conflict to their goals. They practice “divide and conquer” tactics using hot-button issues like gay marriage, abortion, and racism. And they are winning.

    • “Grasp yourself firmly by both ears, tug vigrously, and extract your cranium from your 4th point of contact”.

  5. “All mainstream medis is part of the game, not just Fox. They’re all propaganda arms of the “opposing factions” designed to keep us distracted and divided by offering false alternatives and the illusion of choice.

    Americans need to put on their big boy pants and grow up already. This is no game.” ~~ Griff

    Say no more…say no more. In my itty bitty opinion, Griff’s comment above is the sum total of the mamma-jamma.

    There’s a profit made in MSM propaganda…a big profit – regardless of a respective media source’s presumed philosophical stance.

  6. ACORN employees tell FBI of deliberate election fraud.

    I’m not at all familiar with this Bretibart character because I had sworn of mainstream news years ago, but just because one guy manipulates his story doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

    All mainstream medis is part of the game, not just Fox. They’re all propaganda arms of the “opposing factions” designed to keep us distracted and divided by offering false alternatives and the illusion of choice.

    Americans need to put on their big boy pants and grow up already. This is no game.

  7. Again, reasonable Americans everywhere need to stand up against FoxNews and people like Breitbart along with some elements of the tea party that want to tear this country apart. Fox news and their minions are going too far, this is nothing short of defamation of character and slander by a so called “fair and balanced” right wing fringe news organization, taking a right wing extremist bloggers words for the gospel. People are getting hurt, our country is already hurting, they are instigating a race war…Fox and these right wing conservative, hypocritical, unethical scoundrels need to be stopped and put in their place. They need to be held accountable for the outcome of the adulterated “news” stories they put out. People have already been hurt and many more will if this hateful, divisive and blatantly disturbing news channel is not stopped or at least held to the same standards as other news organizations. Fact checking before reporting is essential. The fact that they ran with a clip posted on a radical tea party ultra conservative website with a bone to pick with the NAACP should have automatically been a red flag. Shame on Fox and anyone else who knowingly went along with this piece of defamatory and crap. Breitbart and Fox News need to pay the heavy price of the consequences they inspire and provoke with their lies.

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