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Monday, November 29, 2021

Obama’s shtick is wearing thin

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President Barack Obama: A black Jimmy Carter? (AFP)

President Barack Obama’s tepid response to the Gulf Oil spill that is spreading into a massive environmental crisis highlights both his inability to deal effectively with a national crisis and a growing public awareness that this President is just not up to the job.

New York Times columnist Frank Rich notes that Obama’s “lingering failings should and could be corrected.”

When an Obama cheerleader like Rich joins the “Obama is a failure” crowd you know the President is headed for a one-term disaster.

Writes Rich:

We still want to believe that Obama is on our side, willing to fight those bad corporate actors who cut corners and gambled recklessly while regulators slept, Congress raked in contributions, and we got stuck with the wreckage and the bills. But his leadership style keeps sowing confusion about his loyalties, puncturing holes in the powerful tale he could tell.

Obama’s confusion is not hard to understand. He’s in over his head, trying to cope with a job that he had neither the experience or ability to handle. America elected an unqualified President and now it’s paying the price.

Jeffrey Sachs, normally an Obama cheerleader, writes in The New York Daily News:

What the disaster truly makes clear, however, is the inadequacy of the administration’s own approach to overhauling America’s energy system.

Rather than pressing ahead from the start with a bold, imaginative, and specific long-term strategy – together with a plan to implement it – Obama has relied on the least appropriate of political strategies: the backroom deal. This is not what we should expect from a talented man who came to office with no shortage of vision, and who pledged to break from the old ways of doing business in Washington.

Legendary GOP political consultant Eddie Mahe said of former President George H.W. Bush: “He lacks the courage of his convictions.”  Obama lacks both courage and conviction. His policies and decisions wander all over the place. He’s backtracked on so many campaign promises that even a Cray supercomputer would have trouble keeping up. His leadership style is marked by indecision, evasion, duplicity and inability.

Instead of the President who might have been, Obama has become the President that never was — an illusion that swept over the American electorate like an alcoholic haze.

Now it’s the morning after, America is waking up and the hangover hurts like hell.

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21 thoughts on “Obama’s shtick is wearing thin”

  1. Unless someone’s already mentioned it, let’s not forget to thank the “Obama lovefest” thrown by the mainstream media. Good job, guys. Top-notch investigative reporting on this now apparent to all colossal fraud.

  2. I do agree with Carl in the respect that making a claim that “Obama” is like the most profound act of idiocracy committed by the America voters, is in my insignificant opinion, way far over-the-top and an unfair view about one person who happens to be just one of many persons, past and present, who is a part of a very screwed up, corrupt system.

    There’s been over a half dozen presidents before Obama that have contributed their share of bad to very bad leadership, policy making and scamming the public in way that include, but not limited to, lying, contrived deceptions, and even criminal acts probably before, during, and who knows, maybe after serving in office (caught or not). That list goes on and on.

    I came into being around since Roosevelt’s last term….meaning born in that era, not voting during that period. I can think of so much to slam every president that’s served since I was old enough to grasp the political and government structures.

    There’s been an accumlation of every anti-social behavior committed by these folks since Washington. One president inherits the previous presidents, not I said presidents, meaning all before the stand bad governing, choices, decisions, corrupt undertakings, etc, etc, etc.

    Why is our nation pissed off at all of the political liars and crooks? We the People are the idiot/morons who keep doing the same things over and over again…which includes repeatedly believing these low-life jerks.

    Obama is a just a by-product of a system of politics and government gone bad a long time ago.

    People need to get honest with themselves about why we are in such a mess today…and it isn’t Obama. We’ve been groomed to believe that it’s the American thing to do is adopt somebody elses defined political values and belief systems. Somebody elses political values and beliefs are created by political partisanship dogma, which are expliticly designed to purposely divert and divide those they persuade to follow.

    How many times to we have to be had before we stop allowing ourselves to continue be victims of such bullsh!t?

    • Yeah, but the hype surrounding Obama was otherworldly this time around. Utterly ridiculous, actually, and beyond belief.

      He was supposed to ride into town and clean up Washington. He was supposed to cast out the demons of past administrations and usher in a new Camelot, an American Renassiance, a new era of profound enlightenment and rebirth.

      That’s what all the fainters thought, any way.

      He was the One. The Messiah. The Chosen.

      • Welp Griff, gotta admit…it was a doozy of a show. Wonder if he’d ran three years ago if he could have seen into the future?

        But taking a serious look at him as president – he looks just like the many who sat in his seat before him.

        In he end Griff, he did what all politicians did to get elected. He had some modern age technology that turned his campaign into a huge rock concert…that might well only be equal to the “never made it” concert “This Is It” by Michael Jackson. Now that would have been a historical event.

        I don’t think anybody can deny that Obama’s campaign was really like nobody has ever seen.

        But Griff…when will the voters stop, look back a the last upteen presidential candidate promises…and they all have lied through their teeth, but as I said in my previous post “Why Are We Mad At Obama” for lying?

        It’s a 100% on the voters this time (well it always has been). How many times do We The People keep falling for the same old lies dressed in new faces?

        Mad at Obama? We (yes we – and it doesnt matter who one voted for) sent him to be our beloved, savior, messiah guy.

        If not Obama, we the people, the voters….or however you want to frame the people… would have sent somebody else into the very same system who came from the very same system that’s so incredibly corrupt.

        If not Obama…then McCain. If not McCain then some other lap dog would have been voted in.

        We the People unvoted themselves out of the process a long time ago (if you get my drift on what I mean by “unvoted”). You know, it’s kind of like the UNDEAD voting for the dead.

        Sorry, Griff. I’ve just drifted off into a senior moment.

    • Mr Ranter:

      “How many times to we have to be had before we stop allowing ourselves to continue be victims of such bullsh!t?”

      How long has the following Roman maxim been around?
      Let he who would be deceived, be deceived“.
      Artful liars versus credulous rubes has been the game for millennia now . You can see it encapsulated perfectly in the footage of Obama’s election victory speech. The deceivers and the deceived. A sad spectacle, indeed.

      The deceived operate under the delusion that they have the right not to be deceived by their ‘representatives’. They have no such right and never did. Thus, the power is sucked from them by those who truly appreciate the maxim – and put it to good use without the slightest compunction.

      Our economies are deception. Our laws are deception. Our organised religions are deception. Our political systems are deception. Things have not always been thus, but as the wild creatures of the revolution slowly become domesticated ruminants, the predators slipped into the pen in ever greater numbers.

      That there are encouraging signs of ruminant rebellion afoot is in large part due to the efforts of those such as post here. Ultimately, no one likes being a sucker – once they get a whiff of that possibility they have little choice but to start on the hard road of self-reflection. It’s up to the undeceived to make sure they aren’t re-corralled by the deception systems gatekeepers.

      World Government is not going to happen. But we still have to minimise the casualties as the Beast attempts to keep plowing forward regardless. Keep popping the bul!sh!t bubbles, one and all.


  3. As you know Griff, I’ve always been a cheerleader for your ideas and post content, but there’s one thing that sticks in my craw and that’s your incessant belittling of millions of Americans that were taken in my Obama’s slick campaign techniques.

    After four years of H.W. Bush/Quayle, eight years of the Clinton/Gore circus, then eight nightmarish years under G.W.Bush/Cheney the American people were desperate for inspiration and the promise of change. The shadowy power brokers and their MSM scriptwriters knew it; so with their well-groomed, slick-talking Madison Avenue “front man” Obama, they managed to sell us a bill of goods or for us a “pig in a poke”. : |

    Unfortunately we are locked with a duopolist ‘matrix’ at this point in our history so we are offered the choice between a powerful, seemingly very serious slick-talking orator vs. an aging, fumbling, confused old man; i.e., John McCain who for sure promised us more of the same and even more so with his obsession for attacking Iran.

    I guess you’ve been kind in the past and gave me a pass concerning my bad choice in a candidate. As you know I was a fierce supporter of this President; but, by inauguration day I realized we as a nation had been mightily suckered.
    I’d even posted a blog post that day titled “Rain on the Parade” based on his growing lists of retreads from the past, all with a sorry history of facilitating this nation’s demise as his future cabinet members and advisers. No originality or independence was demonstrated on his part. He was making an in our face statement that it as going to business as usual prior to taking oath and so it has been.

    I will not let perpetual cynicism about the order of the day, which can be toxic over time, iinfluence my decisions, otherwise I would have given up a long time ago. So don’t assume that those who still have “half a brain still functioning” have any corner on a basket of solutions for this nation. Even if the doddering old guy, Ron Paul had made it to the White House things would not be any better today. Even his push to audit the Federal Reserve turned out to be a watered down “bust”. As you’ve said many times…”it’s the system stupid”…and not the candidates. Our whole system of government is so convoluted from original Constitutional principals that even if the founders were brought back today they’d have a hard time recognizing this toxic brew of laws that have devolved this nation into what can best be described as an “Idiocracy” since its founding.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • And now you know why I said many months ago that even Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are phonies. No real change will ever come, because no real honest people can make any inroads in the process to become elected. There are too many barriers to entry just from the two major parties, but then they have to deal with the corporate media black-outs and ridicule and the idiocy of the general populace. It’s too much for any real person that might effect real change. Which is why most real honest people can’t stand to work for or with government.

      I don’t blame anyone that voted for Obama. He said exactly what you wanted to hear. It’s not your fault he’s a two faced liar. But let’s vote for any and all independents from now on and perhaps we’ll have a chance to save this nation, but I doubt it. We’re pretty much toast since unelected officials (Pentagon and corporate boardrooms) now call the shots.

    • I don’t remember you being a “fierce supporter” of Obama at the time, which is why I was so taken aback by your admission.

      But if after more than thirty years of this power-sharing duopolist docu-drama the majority of the electorate hasn’t figured out the game yet, then I would consider the occasional belittlement to be quite lenient – down right merciful.

      It’s what happens when we make our political decisions based on personalities and propaganda, pomp and elaborate stage shows.

      Ron Paul is a good example. Isn’t half of Washington at least populated by doddering old guys? What of policy? Every one focuses on the person instead of the message.

      Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty is about shifting the dialog away from false rhetoric and empty slogans toward more reality-based discourse. It is a campaign of education and information.

      Of course he stood no chance but he has made a big impact not because of his personality or stage presence but because he is a thinker and a reasoner. Some people still admire those qualities.

      You may think HR 1207 was a failure but this is only the first salvo in what will be a protracted battle. We harbored no illusions that the Establishment would pull out all the stops in seeing that a true audit of the Fed would not take place.

      While others may throw their hands up in defeat, the fact that the Establishment is so worried that the populace is waking up to their game is a victory in itself and only serves to make us redouble our efforts.

      A single election won’t change any thing, but the incremental infusion of reality into the political arena will soon have the Emperor naked and embarrassed.

      The change is within us, should we be bold enough to actually start demanding it. That can’t happen until we at the very least get a glimpse of some thing outside the tightly managed political paradigm we find ourselves in.

      • Thank you, I couldn’t have said it any better. I have been woken to the catastrophe which is our fed gov’t by Ron Paul’s teachings. That and coming to sites like this one. I have been educating people ever since. Our own lack of involvement is our downfall. We as citizens have a right/duty to stop the madness and reign in the idiots running this circus. Our war on terror, invading of countries, using unmanned drones to kill innocents must stop as all it is doing is making more of them hate ALL of us. Why do these idiots really think they want to kill mass amounts of Americans? We, as a country, are mourning the loss of common sense.

    • Actually you are right though, Carl. I should have wrote ‘more than’ half a brain, because the emotional half is all Obama had to tap into.

  4. For those with half a brain still functioning, Obama’s shtick had worn thin long before he was even elected.

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