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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Obama’s Presidency: A failure in affirmative action

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Barack Obama: Just not up to the job

Since Arizona has made racial profiling fashionable again, let’s do our part and admit that the faltering Presidency of Barack Obama is a failure in affirmative action.

When you go back to the heady days of the 2008 Presidential campaign and take a hard look at the hoopla, you start to realize that race did — indeed — play a huge role in catapulting an inexperienced junior Senator from Illinois into the White House.

With Republicans determined to self-destruct by pinning their hopes on a faltering Senior citizen from Arizona, Democrats saw a chance to make history and felt they could have it with either a woman or an African-American.

Hillary Clinton tried to turn Obama’s inexperience as a less-than-one-term Senator into a political liability but her experience as a second-term Senator and former First Lady was nothing to brag about so Democratic voters in the primary had a choice of two relatively-inexperienced candidates who would make history.

So they opted for the charismatic black Senator from the Land of Lincoln and crossed their fingers, hoping he would be up to the job.

Sadly, he wasn’t. The White House is not a place for on-the-job training.  George W. Bush proved that point.

I doubt seriously if a white, male first-term Senator could have made it past the primaries, much less win the Presidency. Voters were blinded by Obama’s rhetoric, his state presence and his ability to deliver the sound bites that played so well in our pop culture.

Obama was often compared to a rock star but let’s face it — who wants a rock star as President?  His Presidency is riddled with mistakes but he has, for the most part, received a pass from the media and public. I wonder if a white, male President would have received the same deferential treatment from the media.

Is voter unrest spotlighted in recent polls stand, Obama and the failed Democratic leadership in Congress will lead their party to a humiliating defeat in the midterm elections.

Obama’s Presidency is turning out to be so bad that he may do the impossible: Actually salvage the tarnished reputation of his predecessor: George W. Bush.

If that happens, it will be greatest failure of Obama’s tenure in the White House.

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9 thoughts on “Obama’s Presidency: A failure in affirmative action”

  1. Doug and Woody(188): You BOTH happen to be spot on! Go to the Campus of any very selective college or university (e.g.,-Virginia, Bowdoin etc.) or the elite schools (Harvard, Princeton, Yale.etc.) and you will observe BOTH phenomina co-existing: indulged, rich WASPs and priviledged (usually middle class or affluent) African-Americans. The former group gains admission via money and its venerable connections; the latter through affirmative action (glorified reparations/??) and also the inability of the System to give the poor or even the lower middle class a decent chance, as it seemed to be doing a generation ago.

  2. And the perpetual ping pong game plays on and on and on.

    There’s a sad irony that goes along with Obama’s failures and the majority party Congressional members who have had no problem wallowing in gross incompetency and floundering power plays. The irony is: Look at the alteratives that the electorates will have to choose from come mid-term and beyond. Just more power mongering, incompetent, and egocentric elitists.

    While Polling Organizations drench the media with statistics about just how angry the American people are with government and the future revenge to take place for all incumbents next two major elections…history tells us explicitly otherwise about voter behaviors. About 80 % of incumbents are reelected even in the aftermath of social discontent and raging outcries to vote in true change agents to save our country. Even in 1994, yes, there was a shift in the majority in both houses of Congress, but it didn’t take all that many changes in the incumbent seats to achieve the majority.

    And the perpetual ping pong game plays on and on and on.

  3. I work in an area of town that is considered pretty bad. It occurred to me the other day while driving to work the irony of poor black folk that voted for Obama only to have him stand by and watch as the black community was devastated by Option ARM’s and interest only variable rate loans. How he has stood by and watched Chicago turn into a shooting gallery. How he spent months picking out a dog while the black community saw it’s unemployment rates run up to 30% or more and half of black citizens see the inside of a jail cell at some point in their lives. Turns out Obama only saved rich, white bankers. Who would have guessed?

  4. You don’t have to wonder if a white, male President would have received the same deferential treatment from the media. George W. Bush already did!

    “Who should we pray for Mr. President?”, one of three pre-screened questions allowed to be asked of President Junior on the evening of the invasion of Iraq.

    So long as they follow the globalist directives the media gives them a pass. This is directly related to the corporate media failing and losing advertisers. No one likes a liar and corporate media has proven time and again that they can no longer be trusted.

  5. The biggest disappointment with President Obama is his lack of creativity when it comes to choosing appointees to the cabinet, close advisers etc.

    He’s surrounded himself with retreads from the past many if not most can be linked to our current national travails. In addition he’s appointed a host of faceless, unaccountable ‘Czars’ to key positions.

    The man is an enigma and as the months and now 1.5 years have unfolded, I’m beginning believe he was groomed simply to be a holding President; ie., a hedge candidate to plug into our compromised Presidency that has been so since the Reagan/H.W. Bush era. The Clinton’s are a creation of H.W. Bush, Mr. CIA, Mr. Iran Contra, Mr. “thousand points of light” and ‘First Bishop of the New World Order’. So Barack Obama was the perfect co-running mate against Hillary Clinton during this last election in the event they couldn’t sell her to the public at large. Whatever their public differences seemed during the campaign, it was simply staged, high theater for the unwashed masses. The first thing on President Obama’s short list was to appoint Hillary to SOS.

    We still have the same Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates on watch in addition to the President appointing a host of folks that served under the Cllntons and as far back as the Reagan/Bush era. It’s as if the shadow of Bill and Hillary along with the Bush clan are still in the White House running the show except we aren’t enjoying any “tech booms” other than hearing the “booms” of never-ending engineered wars in far off places brought to us by the Bushistas. It’s as if a criminal cabal has eaten its way into the leadership fabric of our nation and the presidency has become a problem of infestation for “We the people rather than one of leadership that can save our nation from the ashbin of history.

    We are victims of political hype on a massive scale. In essence President Obama represents the status quo when it comes to reconciling his promises of “change we can believe in”. Seemingly we were simply snookered by a black preacher man’s gift of stunning oratory. Unfortunately he’s simply a cutout president that’s following a corporatist Uncle Tom’s marching orders.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Correction: “corporatist Uncle Tom’s marching orders.” should read: “corporatist Simon Legree’s marching orders. My apologies for mixing the characters up.

      Carl Nemo **==

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