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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Skeptical Democrats not sold on Obama’s latest health care plan

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Obama with docs in health care photo-op (Reuters)

President Barack Obama faces skepticism on his latest revised health care plan not only from Republicans but also from Democrats who have one eye on polls and the other on a tough re-election campaign in 2010.

Obama Wednesday called on Congress to put aside a year of partisanship and bitter divisions over his faltering health care “reform” program and pass the measure in a simple, up-or-down vote by the Easter recess at the end of March.

“At stake now if not just our ability to solve this problem, but our ability to solve any problem and I ask Congress to finish its work,” Obama said. “I look forward to singing this reform into law.”

Democrats aren’t so sure his latest ploy will work.

“I think he has succeeded in prying open a window of opportunity but it’s a very narrow window,” Democratic Virginia Congressman Gerry Donnolly told The Associated Press. “He and the leadership had better clamber through that narrow window while they can.”

Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney of Connecticut has his doubts too.

“It’s fragile,” Courtney said of the bill’s chances. “It’s getting close to the election.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is working to win over some of the 39 Democrats who voted against the reform bill the first time around in the House. She will need those votes.

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9 thoughts on “Skeptical Democrats not sold on Obama’s latest health care plan”

  1. Sadly, our Democratic representatives do not want health care reform passed any more than Republican ones want to pass anti-abortion legislation.

    In either case, the party loses a key issue that keeps the rank and file in line. Without these issues, voters may come to realize that there is hardly enough space between the two parties’ policies to slip a knife edge, nor does either care about anyone with an annual income less than seven figures.

  2. Dear President Obama/Sotero, oh whatever your name is,

    If you can’t even finish a bill on mandatory health care insurance, why do you think you can run our nations health care system?


  3. Lock, load, safety on, Welcome Dave R and please reply, why do we allow the 90degree argument by less than journeymen plumbers when in fact the clog of the drain persists as these wars? Hence, before we tackle health we are leaving blood everywhere?

    Should we not question intensely, demanding as you have a focus on puffed up partisanship and disregard for purpose when 4th graders have the further grasp on parliamentary procedure?

    If the American people are not granted the Oscar for least supporting actors..
    Finish for me Woody, please.

  4. I’m beginning to think this President is spring-loaded in the ‘stupid’ position. He doesn’t seem to get the message that “We the People” don’t want his/their corporatist friendly health care bill.

    President Obama is no friend of the people…period!

    He’s part of the problem; ie, one uv’em. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. I am sick of hearing all this talk about the Senate pushing for “reconciliation” of their bill.

    Take a minute for some elementary school level understanding of how the political process works.

    1. The House passes a bill
    2. The Senate passes a bill
    3. If the bills are different they have a conference to iron out the
    differences then…
    4. Each Chamber again votes on the new language
    5. If the Legislation passes both Chambers it goes to the President
    for his signature

    Now let’s look at how this plays with ObamaCare

    1. The House passed a bill
    2. The Senate passed a bill
    3. They are NOT having a conference to iron out the differences
    4. They are telling the House to pass the Senate’s bill and THEN Reid
    and Pelosi say they will
    5. Remove the items the House does not like (Cornhusker kickback,
    etc…) and put in things they do want (no funding of abortion
    language, etc…) from the bill they just passed and the Senate will
    then vote again on this “reconciled” bill. Presupposing that the
    Senate Parliamentarian allows these changes as part of this
    6. Then the House would have to vote again on this new Senate bill to
    replace the bill they just voted for.

    Here is what I predict will happen IF the House does indeed pass the Senate’s rushed through bill from December.

    There will be too many items that the Parliamentarian will rule impermissible for budget reconciliation and the Senate will be unable to then actually pass a “reconciliation” bill that could also pass in the House. Then Nancy, Harry and Barack will say well we tried and just could not iron out the differences and it’s all the Republicans fault. Therefore, Barack will “reluctantly” sign the House approved Senate bill because they “have” to pass something.

    • That all sounds rosy Dave, but there’s a few caveats to your story. Their plan goes as follows:

      1. The House and Senate agree up front to accommodate changes wanted by the House to the current Senate bill. The House passes the Senate bill as it is.
      2. The Pres vetoes it.
      3. The Senate makes the agreed changes and passes it via reconciliation. (Joe Biden, as Pres of the Senate, disallows Parliamentary objections.)
      4. The House passes the new Senate bill as amended.
      5. The Pres signs it.
      6. We’re screwed.

      • From your list.
        1. The House does not trust the Senate.
        2. Why would he veto it – see the issue I bring up with your step 4.
        He get’s to blame the Republicans for a failure with reconcilation.
        3. No VP has overruled the parliamentarian since Humphey.
        4. Remeber there are three special elections coming up by the end of the month. Republicans stand a good chance of picking up those seats. If they do then there is now way the House could pass the Senate’s currnet bill to say nothing of the reconciled bill being able to pass either.
        6. However if the stars do align for the Democrats then your step 6 is right on the money. We are screwed.

        • Dear America:

          Witness representative government consume itself, at once from in the outside, inside
          with your blind eyes a crying, your reps twisting, and your guilty bat too heavy to swing for even a single.

          I can think of few in government foxholes all over the world as any less my employees,
          So is the foul smell of war for profit ! Smell it !

          At this juncture in the conversation umbrage is my task, Men and Women in far away places need such menial accouterments as to mention a few,

          Coffee, Animal Crackers, Phone Cards, Best Wishes, God Speed, Girl Scout cookies, (you can order them on line) all you need is the ole APO, “an honest supply Sarge will make sure it’s done”, pictures of beautiful little ladies of Eve, and Grace, and Elizabeth successful births by Jenny McCGuillicuddy,

          Heck I have no idea within all the chaos where to focus my anger but at War.

          It must be fun and powerful to not know the drag.

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