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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Tea Party challenges Olbermann’s hypocrisy

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Tea Party advocates have a message for liberal loudmouth Keith Olbermann: Put up or shut up.

After Olbermann delivered one of his bombastic attacks on the Tea Party movement, calling it an all -white group that lacks diversity, the Dallas Tea Party posted a YouTube video that challenges the MSNBC news/entertainment host to show up at a rally this weekend and check out the group himself.

“Something tells me you’ve never been to a tea party,” one group activist says to Olbermann in the video. “We think you need to get out of your bubble.”

The rebuttal came after Olbermann asked “how many black faces to you see at these (tea party) events? Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists nothing but people who look exactly like you?”

Responds the Tea Party: “Well, Keith we see a whole lot more at our events than we see at MSNBC.” The video points out that the cable “news” network’s lineup of anchors is primarily white.

Say a Tea Party-goer in the video: “So now you’ve been invited to the one-year anniversary of tea party movement at Dallas City Hall Feb. 27 from noon to 2 o’clock. If you don’t show, have you no shame sir?”

Olbermann admits the MSNBC lineup is whitebread but claims minority hosts have had shows in the past and says he frequently has minority commentators on his show.

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22 thoughts on “Tea Party challenges Olbermann’s hypocrisy”

  1. Olbermann and MSNBC are hypocrites and race baiters.

    We all heard about the man openly carrying the AR-15 rifle at the anti-Obama rally in Phoenix. MSNBC carefully photographed him from the rear, from the collar down, specifically to AVOID admitting that he was a BLACK MAN, then did their usual frothing at the mouth about how this rally was racially motivated, and the crowd had “white racists toting guns.”

    See the coverage:

    So if Olbermann wants to know why he doesn’t see people of color at Tea Parties, maybe he should ask his MSNBC editors to forward him the clips they censor out.

  2. “Yeah they play us like a Stratavarius, no?”

    Well, they certainly try to, but I have been onto their little game for many years (and making sure they know it), which makes them really, really angry.;-)

  3. My point was that MSNBC went as far as it would, regarding diversity, and that still means “white guys only” or an unreasonable facsimile thereof. Maddow is a woman – one diversity factor in her favor – and an avowed homophile, which is her problem, not mine – making her a twofer, diversity-wise. Had she been off-color – a trifecta!

  4. “Is it any better to collectivize all tea partiers as homophobes? ”

    And racist, griff, don’t forget the favorite all-time left-of-center smear that is meant to marginalize or silence those the usual suspects view as “the Other”.;-)

    By the way, it also helps to distract from a prominent point in the article — the Olbie/MSNBC pot calling the Tea Bag kettle ‘black’ — er — not ‘black’ — er “whitebread”. That is to day, whiter than ‘white’, they’re MSNBC ‘white’!:-))

    • Yeah they play us like a Stratavarius, no? That’s why I no longer watch television – it clouds my thinking.

      The idea that people believe these pundits actually serve a purpose other than that of shepherds is beyond my ability to comprehend.

      Alpha fools.

  5. Oh dear, are we going to have to define our terms again? What is the difference in news opinion writers? Issodhos speaks of Camille Paglia who may be one of the most articulate women writers on this planet. She is a hero of mine because of her talent with words not her lack of any male organ.

    The Tea Party of the subject of this thread has stated clearly that they are racist and naturally homophobic. They are the Social Conservatives working solely for banning abortions. They run to their Evangelic leaders for their dialog. They have admitted to working against any destraction of family values. I have an advantage here as I am 3rd generation Californian and we all socialized, were educated, learned our culture and manners and only when we gals got into a breeding mood, did this subject of gays ever arise.

    Tea Party gatherers are openly offended by any possible diversion of any human being. I remember Keith Olberman’s tears when his father became so ill. On his mother’s birthday he does a tribute to her love of sports. I never doubted the sexual definitions of anyone at MSNBC but CHB has come up with some strange men. My presence here has riled up some of our good old boys and they often run to daddy with complaints.

    I am all girl to the core still at 77 and there is no way in hell that Maddow or Paglia can be a threat to me. But men have a different quality when it comes to their naughty bits.

    Don’t jump on Emma, I’ve known her for years….give a gal a break. Here’s a hint gents, this is not yet a boys club.

    • And “bic” is a pen, but nobody thought EmmaG was inquiring if you were a writing utensil.

      The definition of “homophobic” is one who has an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuals or homosexuality.

      Taking you at your word that you do not fear homosexuals or homosexuality, can you at least see how one could interpret your and Almandine’s initial comments as being averse or discriminatory to Maddow by posting that she was a “wannabe white guy” or a “half man”?

      • Of course I can see why, but I have never been one to kneel at the altar of political correctness. I have non inclination to start now, and I reserve the right to dislike any one for any reason – be it sexual preference or their choice of drapes. Doesn’t any one retain any semblance of a sense of humor any more?

        Is it any better to collectivize all tea partiers as homophobes? Does it make you all feel morally superior to stand in judgement of others for such stupid and erroneous reasons? If my hero Keithie says they’re all homophobes, then it must be gospel.

  6. “Oh, I wouldn’t say Olbie is “homophobic”, EmmaG…”

    I assumed she was talking to Almandine and Griff.

  7. Yeah, I wonder how many blacks live in Olbermann’s gated community, or how many he encounters on his ride in to work – besides his chauffeur.

  8. Invite minorities? That’s confusing. I didn’t think an invitation was required to attent a tea party. A tea party is open to the public. EVERYONE is welcome. People of all color, race, sex, and religion. It’s only matter of time that the word gets spread about what the movement is about. The media and Government will continue to lie to the people about what they are about to keep people from attending.

  9. By the way, how funny is it when members of the new-left influenced modern ‘liberal’ movement get their politically correct diversity facade handed back to them?:-))

  10. Oh, I wouldn’t say Olbie is “homophobic”, EmmaG, nor even MSNBC. However, it could be that both are just a bit blackophobic — I mean going by appearances. It’s that whole “diversity as a political statement” thingie that seems to be missing, don’cha think?;-)
    Yours in mellow reflection,

  11. Four and a half what? As Camille Paglia once pointed out, and I paraphrase, today’s media are made up of eunuchs, properly domesticated and apartment-ready. Let’s face it, your typical reporter, anchor, or commentator has been thoroughly feminized and brought to heal in what they will and will not report.;-)

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