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Sunday, November 28, 2021

CPAC red-faced over Paul’s straw poll win

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Ron Paul: Still causing trouble (AP)

The wheels came off the smooth-running Conservative Political Action Conference right-wing love machine this weekend when libertarian political gadfly Ron Paul won the 2010 straw poll and sent boos through the meeting ballroom.

Paul garnered 31 percent of the vote, topping perennial winner and favorite Mitt Romney by nine points. Everyone else, including GOP sex symbol Sarah Palin, who bagged the conference, finished in single digits.

Politico reports that “CPA organizers were plainly embarassed by the results, which could reduce the perceived impact of a contest that was once thought to offer a window into which White House hopefuls were favored by movement conservatives.”

The web site also said a “spokesman for the conference rushed over to reporters following the announcement to make sure they had heard the unmistakable boos when the screen first showed Paul had won the straw poll” and noted that the announcement of Paul’s victory brought “a cascade of boos came down from a crowd that views Paul and his fervent supporters as an irritant.”

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24 thoughts on “CPAC red-faced over Paul’s straw poll win”

  1. Those who feel that Ron Paul is not a serious threat to Barack Obama, the Democrats AND the Republican party do not understand the corporate socialist world we now live in. There is little difference between the two parties if you didn’t notice, unless you have been oblivious to the succession of war and debt the federal reserve system has nurtured with their handpicked servants that act as Presidents. I am a Canadian so maybe it is easier for us to see from the outside, but your country that was formed as the great answer to the serfdom of Europe 200 years ago is now nearly completely controlled by those same immoral interests that control that continent. We are counting on you because our governments are either too corrupt or too insignificant to make a difference.
    Ron Paul has not just lit a flame amongst young supporters in university, we are all talking about him and more importantly his ideas here in Canada and most of my American relatives who support him(and almost all do) are far older than I am-and I am 39. Please for the sake of your country and the rest of us who rely on you to lead the way, take the time to learn the inconvenient truth that Dr. Paul and others who have been systematically marginalized have tried to show us. It is our only hope.

  2. Ron Paul certainly seems like the populist/Constitutional candidate and would likely take the White House by storm if given the opportunity to lead the Republican ticket. But Republicans don’t want him at the helm, and he won’t run as an Independent. Also, no one that isn’t involved in the election charade gets on television or is invited to participate in straw polls, which still leads me to believe that Ron Paul is probably one of them and not one of us.

  3. “The gray hairs apparently want to continue to bomb Muslims. The young want a different foreign policy that addresses all injustices even towards those that are different than us. The boos are not surprising.”

    A problem with this statement, Dave, is that even if the first part were true, logic would demand that the second be, “The young” are apparently volunteering to do the bombing. Might I point out that Ron Paul has quite a few “gray hairs”, himself, yet I don not see him wanting to “continue bombing Muslims”.;-)

  4. Let’s face it. The Republican party is in serious trouble.

    Ron Paul won the straw poll? Yikes!

    Most of us Independents believe that Romney is probably the Republicans best hope in ’12. The problem is….we don’t think he’s a better alternative than the President.

    Try again.

  5. I like Ron Paul’s ideas and have so for many years, but he doesn’t represent a serious threat to the political status quo. As they say he’s a day late and a dollar short.

    I’ve purchased most of his books and pamphlets over the years and even bought gold bullion and numismatic coins from his company that I still have in my hoard for almost 20 years.

    He even sponsored the “Ron Paul Investment Letter”. Small booklets and pamphlets offerred almost 30 years ago were titled, “International Banking and Globalism”, “Surviving the New Money”, “World Money, World banking, and World Government” etc. Great reads for sure and meant something to me and how I’ve managed my assets over the years, but unfortunately he’s never been able to sell his prescription for conservatism and adherence to Constitutional principles.

    The problem with Ron is that now he’s an old creaky voice man with great ideas, but we live in a society that’s driven by bling, glitz and pizzaz concerning candidates and their ability to get elected/reelected.

    Obama sold us all including myself a bill of goods with his incredible gift of oratory and articulation, but has turned out be a “silver-tongued” business as usual and worse “judas goat”. Our bad, both my wife and I, but never again! Note: We’ve both been registered as Independents our entire eligible voting lives.

    My concern about a President Paul is that he will find himself in isolation with all the traitors and enemies of the Republic ensconced in Congress doing everything within their power to maintain the prison they’ve managed to trowel about us since the creation fo the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve in 1913. The shadowy oligarchs that own the MSM lock, stock and barrel will use the full measure and power of the Madison Avenue override against us. It’s worth a try though and surely better than what “We the People” face at this point in history. Besides we don’t need glitzy articulate pols, but men and women that can hopefully execute their jobs as Chief Executives in a competent citizen friendly Constitutionally adherent fashion…no?
    One thing for sure a President Paul would need regular refills for his “Veto pen”… 😀

    The greater electorate is comfortable with their prison and their only remaining right; ie., “The right to shop until they drop” being held highest in value. If the powers that be interrupt their shopping then watch out for sure… / : |

    People from his Congressional District refer to him as “Dr. No” meaning he votes no on 99.9% of the legislation before the House. This isn’t necessarily bad, but he’s a conservative isolationist among “One World Order” sycophants found in Congress.

    I’ll give it a shot and vote for the guy in 2012; ie., if he runs or someone representing his ideas again, but I have little confidence that he or they will prevail.

    For the most part people are most comfortable with the cage/pen they are most familiar. They were already stupid enough to settle for this mutated concept of freedom and justice for all that we’ve become accustomed, so unless they are radically threated via hyper-inflation, destruction of the currency while witnessing rioting and blood in the streets they have no incentive for serious change we can believe in and “witness”. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Hey Griff, we are not alone by any stretch of the imagination now, and is it not a breath of fresh air to know the wake up call is being answered in public?
    That the MSM is stepping all over their privates attempting to play the beck card has me tickled to delirium.
    I can’t wait for the Democrats equally farcical demonstration of futility in the face of an electorate gone rouge!


  7. I really do not understand why the booed the man. What is wrong with these crazy people. I’m so tired of all our goverment every single one of them have to go..

  8. The thought of someone who doesn’t just “talk the talk” but actually -consistently- “walks the walk” of upholding the Constitution getting into office scares both sides of the “big government party” silly…their gravy train will jump the tracks if he ever makes it into office and they know it. All their many decades of planning to turn the people of this country (and every other they can get influence over) into subjugated , obedient tax slaves will go down the drain if he were to get elected and the people of this country found out what “Constitutional government” actually means.

    The thought that the people of this country would have real freedom (for the first time in many decades) and prosperity (that would come from getting the parasites off their back) has the people running the scam sick with fear.

    They’d much rather lose to the democrats for another term rather than lose the whole game by having the people of this country wake up and take back their birthright.

  9. Great post # 4 (MBtok) As a supporter of Ron Paul and his continuing effort to help this country, I admire his courage and guts! I was an integral part in helping Ron Paul come to Penn State University on April 11th, 2008. I spoke with him, had dinner with him and the meetup group, and have an autographed campaign sign along with autographed copies of The Revolution: A Manifesto and A Foreign Policy Of Freedom. This man is genuine. They say that angels walk among us! HR 1207 and S 604 need to advance. Have you ever heard of Downsize D.C.? If not, I believe the website is

    I also like Sandunes post, that is great to know that some of the elders know the truth!

  10. The gray hairs apparently want to continue to bomb Muslims. The young want a different foreign policy that addresses all injustices even towards those that are different than us. The boos are not surprising.

  11. Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty had an event right before Beck’s speech, when the straw poll was announced, and didn’t fight for spaces. Some blogs point out the cheering in the overflow rooms was not equally marred with boos when Ron Paul’s win was announced, and there were students running out, cheering, into the halls.

    However, what is ironic is that Beck borrowed all of the ‘substance’ (not entertainment shticks) from Ron Paul’s speech, even to harking back to Woodrow Wilson and rethinking foreign policy. Yet Ron Paul’s win was booed, and Beck was cheered.

    Such is candidate partisanship.

    Well, they invited the tea parties, and the tea parties made a point. We won’t just take anyone. We want principles.

  12. Just goes to show, the Republicans have learned Nothing since their fall from the top, except for those who have seen the Ron Paul light. The term “Conservative” in today’s context is a mere social consideration without any linkage to the fiscal “good” health of our republic. Bet on the worst, because with either the dems or the repubs in charge, there is no hope for staunching the impending US bankruptcy.

  13. I have written in Dr. Paul’s name on the ballot since Perot Lost. Shawn I am going to be 77 in a couple of months and I will never be too old to vote for Dr. Paul.

  14. Reality, Ron Paul is the best candidate for a Presidency, which would save America! The man is a Constitutionalist, honest and very hard working and dedicated, loves America with his heart not just words of the mind! He knows how to get the job done, just as he got, “Audit the Fed,” passed! If you want more of what you’ve got, no business as usual, via the two party Elitist paradyne vote Romney or Huckabee, Gingrich, courtesy of the establishment Republicans and RINOs’, and should you waste your vote on Palin – a running mate that was chosen by John McCain, Obama will get a second term! Palin, will split your votes, very weak and is not able to be a president!
    PS: CPAC – Better change their attitude as American’s have had it with these Elitist Neo-Con Republicans who are tied in with the Globalist movement whereby we have the Elitist Two Party Paradyne set in to the establishment parties Dems and RePubs, such that when Americans vote, we are being humored that there is a differenc in the two parties when in reality it is just two sides of the same coin and the policies end up being the same as if we’d left the party we voted out stay in power! It is this Elitist, Globalist, NWO, Illuminatti infiltration that is behind this manipulation! Here we are debating about left and right wing Government and the Elitists are laughing all the way to the bank and our loss of freedom as they have long set up our political system so that regardless whether we vote Republican or Democrat we will get the same Elitist’s benefit policies and party! Eg. Heads – you lose, Tails – you lose! Barak Obams and George Bush were Elitist Puppet Presidents!
    If CPAC doesn’t radically change their attitude they will be left with nothing as Tea Party supporters want Constitutionalist, Non-Elitist Leaders and Presidents, By the people, and for the people! Not for the Elitist Corporate Off -Shore banking cabal!

  15. Hey, in 2008 Ron Paul made some serious gains with young people. Does anyone remember the blimp, the you tube videos? In 2012, those who were only 14 last time around can vote. Who do the Republicans think helped Obama out so much? I heard CPAC say that only the young want Ron Paul. Well guess what CPAC, there are more young now, and we want Ron Paul. Only the Republicans would discredit their largest youth attractor.

  16. When half-truths and outright lies are your livelihood, an honest man in the midst of all the castles of sand becomes a 9.0 on the Richter scale.

    This brightens my day to no end…

  17. Why did they include him in the straw poll if they were going to be angry about him winning it?

    What is their problem with their own people supporting a Constitutionalist?

    They’ll probably just pull the old fox news trick and ban him from the conference next year.

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