Virginia's future First Lady: Maureen McDonnell

Normally, you don’t see the term “sex symbol” and “Republican” in the same sentence.

Most people had a good laugh when the party of the elephant tried to pass off Sarah Palin as sexy.

The Wasilla wonder is many things: Sexy ain’t one of them.

But election of former nude Cosmo model Scott Brown as the new Senator from Massachusetts has given Republicans a hunk they can call their own and Saturday Night Live cemented Brown’s status as the new GOP sex symbol with a skit this past weekend that depicted Democrats having fantasies of Brown that had little to do with legislation and a lot to do with imagination.

Brown’s past as a male model who stripped for Cosmo quickly became fodder for late night comics and the object of derision for Democrats who scrambled to find a reason — any reason — to ridicule the Republicans who now represents the Massachusetts Senate seat once occupied by Ted Kennedy — a fomer hunk who had his own problems with his libido.

But Brown isn’t the only GOP pol who has a little sex appeal in his political closet. New Virginia Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s wife is a former cheerleader for The Washington Redskins.

Yep. Maureen McDonnell used to shake her stuff on the sidelines for the once-mighty Redskins. Granted, she did so back when uniforms for pro football cheerleaders were more than the cleavage-revealing, butt-hugging stripper-ware of today but the future First Lady of Virginia still looked pretty sexy on the sidelines.

Do new faces like Brown and McDonnell indicate a different GOP — a break from the party of old that preached piety in public while screwing everything in sight behind closed doors?

We can only hope.

And enjoy the view.

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