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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Everybody does it

Of all the lame excuses that political miscreants employ to try and explain away the incredibly stupid actions of their bosses, none is more hobbled than the “everybody does it” defense.
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Of all the lame excuses that political miscreants employ to try and explain away the incredibly stupid actions of their bosses, none is more hobbled than the “everybody does it” defense.

And nobody in recent political memory trots out the “everybody does it” line more than the rapidly-dwindling numbers of die-hard Bushites who still buy into the lunacy that their leader is sane.

Bush lies about his reasons for invading Iraq. That’s all right, his excusers claim, because “everybody does it.”

Karl Rove and Scooter Libby leak classified information about the wife of an administration critic to the press. No problem, claims the Greek Chorus, because “everybody does it.”

The White House compiles an extensive database on perceived political enemies and uses that information to try and discredit those who speak out against abuses by the Bush administration.

“No big deal,” claims an email that floated in over the electronic transom on Tuesday. “Every President since Lincoln has done the same thing.”

The email, like most missives that still defend the criminal acts of the Bush administration, was unsigned. Funny thing about those who defend Bush. They seldom have guts enough to sign their names. I can understand why those who question the President’s motives want to stay anonymous, given the administration’s record of retribution against those who speak out. But the gutless nature of those who claim to support this madman says even more about those who march to the goose steps of our current President.

Sorry folks. I didn’t buy the “everybody does it” defense when Bill Clinton’s loony legions tried it and I’m sure as hell not going to fall for it when the Bush brigades send it flooding over the landscape like diarrhea.

This was, after all, the same George W. Bush who in the 2000 election campaign promised “the most ethical administration in history.” He’s the same President who promised to fire “anyone involved” in the leak of Valerie Plame’s name to the media but has since retrenched to modify his promise to get rid of “anyone indicted,” especially after we’ve all learned that his principle handler, deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, was up to his lying ass in the whole mess.

“Everybody does it” doesn’t cut it when you promise to reform the way everybody did it in the past. It does, however, prove that George W. Bush is just as corrupt as others who have called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.

Bush is an immoral, vile man who drags the normal hypocrisy of politics to new lows – claiming to be a Christian and God-fearing man while telling those who disagree with him to “go fuck themselves.” Even worse, he’s a man on the brink, charming one minute, off his rocker the next. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he wanders the White House halls late at night, talking to Presidential portraits as Richard Nixon did in his final days or just shuffling with that blank stare, looking like Charles Foster Kane lost in the labyrinth of his deteriorating mental state and own private hell.

Everybody does it? Perhaps. But no one did it as much or caused as much damage. If America survives another three years of George W. Bush, I believe history will one day show just how close he came to destroying this nation we love.

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