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Friday, January 21, 2022

Monster’s Ball

Listen to the shrill harpies who spout propaganda from either the Democratic or Republican parties and you hear pretty much the same thing. "We're for America," they claim, "and they're not." They, of course, being the other party.
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Listen to the shrill harpies who spout propaganda from either the Democratic or Republican parties and you hear pretty much the same thing.

“We’re for America,” they claim, “and they’re not.” They, of course, being the other party.

In truth, neither political party cares a rat’s ass about America or the American people. The political party system in this country exists only to perpetuate itself and keep those of similar ilk in power. Party philosophy, if you can call what they spew out a “philosophy”, comes first and what should be best for the country always finishes a distant second.

The party out of power always claims it can do a better job than the party in power. Bullshit. Republicans may control the White House and Congress at this point in history and they may be determined to drag this nation back into the 19th century but the problems that face this nation go much deeper than whichever hacks are in charge. When any political party puts its own agenda above that of a nation the losers are the ordinary Joes who believed the crap coming out of a politician’s mouth and voted for the con man who uttered such crap.

Special interests control both political parties. Each side has their fat cat lobbyists and check-writing political action committees. For Republicans, it is big business and self-righteous religious groups. For Democrats, it is big labor and slime ball trial attorneys and none of these narrow interest greed peddlers gives a damn about John or Jane Doe. They’re in it for themselves and their agendas have little to do with the welfare of a place called America.

If you want to change this country for the better you will have to do more than change who runs it. You have to change the way it is run. A Republic controlled by two political parties ain’t what the founding fathers had in mind and a government controlled by special interests with the biggest bank accounts is just the kind of non-representative tyranny that forced colonial settlers to don Indian costumes and start throwing tea into the Boston Harbor.

Based on their history over the past few years, Republicans are little more than Fascists. Democrats, for lack of a better term, are anarchists. One rules through tyranny, suppression of individual rights and fear. The other tries to supplant that rule with disruption and its own brand of fear.

And both sides hate. Oh boy, do they hate. Any pretense in civility vanished long ago in the American political system. Republicans wrap themselves in the Flag and claim anyone who dares disagree with them is unpatriotic and anti-American. Democrats host the flag to claim their cause, and only their cause, is just and only they can save America.

What a crock. How can any political party profess love of anything but itself when it spouts so much hate? When it comes to hate, Democrats and Republicans are equal-opportunity. Both sides hate an America that gets in the way of party goals. Both hate any moderates who dare say “hey, maybe you’re both getting extreme here and need to step back and take a cold, hard look at yourselves.”

Neither party is worthy of the nation they profess to serve. Neither deserves respect, allegiance or support. Both are enemies of the state and should be treated as such.

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