After writing my last Newspeak column in 2008, I decided it was worthy of an occasional revisit. I happened across this collection of items on another site and I have tweaked some of them. Unfortunately, the original author is unknown. But they are worthy of re-posting all over the web. So without further delay I give you Newspeak 2009.

Peace = Permanent pre-hostility

Unprovoked attack by USA or Israel = Pre-emptive strike

Aggressive war = Conflict or dispute

Permanent aggressive war = Protracted conflict

Global aggressive war = Spreading democracy

Individual resistance to aggressive war = Terrorism

Group resistance to aggressive war = Insurgency

National resistance to aggressive war = Terrorist state / rogue state

Multi-national resistance to aggressive war = Axis of Evil

Political leader of resistance to aggressive war = Dictator / Tyrant

Military leader of resistance to aggressive war = Warlord

Any Muslim who questions aggressive war = al-Qaeda

Any other person who questions aggressive war = Militant

Department that promotes aggressive war = Department of Defense

Invasion to promote aggressive war = Incursion

Victim of aggressive war = Unlawful combatant

Weapons of aggressive war = Policy instruments

Massive funding for aggressive war = Enhanced force protection

Popular support for aggressive war = Corporate News

Massive funding for rich weapons makers = Supporting the troops

Genocide = Degrading the enemy

Dead U.S. soldiers = Non-operative personnel

Murder (as a verb) = Neutralize

Attack = Defend

Facts / evidence / objective reality = Enemy propaganda

Theft of natural resources = Liberation

Violence in pursuit of theft = National security

Military censorship = Embedded reporters

Destroying civilian infrastructure = Asymmetric warfare

Destroying civilians themselves = Collateral damage

Psychopathic mercenaries /death squads = Security forces

Imprisonment = Detention

Prisoner = Detainee

Torture = Interrogation

Illegal spying on Americans = Terrorist surveillance

Questioning war = Anti-Americanism

Questioning murder = Cut and run

Questioning the government = Lack of patriotism

Mass questioning of the government = Home-grown terrorism

Mass ignorance = Consumer confidence

Debt = Wealth

U.S. Constitution / Geneva Conventions = Quaint and obsolete documents

We will nuke anyone anytime we like = All options are on the table

Human bodies = Soft targets

Iraqi or Afghani Security Forces = Muslims we shoot only some of the time

Israelis that violently evict Palestinians from their homes = Settlers

Distraction while we prepare to strike again = Peace process (which never ends)

A child who got killed when she got in the way = Human shield

Apartheid wall = Security fence

Muslim = Islamist or Islamofascist

Islam = Anti-American radicalism

Questioning Zionist atrocities = Antisemitism

Questioning Israeli supremacy = Antisemitism

Questioning U.S. funding for Israel = Antisemitism

Questioning AIPAC espionage against the USA = Antisemitism

Questioning the Holocaust = Antisemitism

Questioning Obama’s policies and decisions = Racism

Please direct any questions to your local Citizen Corps Council, your local Clergy Response Team member, or your nearest InfraGuard Member.

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