So many complaints, so much hand wringing, and so many cries of "socialism", "sell out" and "government taking over."  The problem I have with President Obama is not that he is going too far but that he goes not far enough.  But even more than that what we need is a Congress that stands up to the banks, the health insurance industry and the other interests that have bought them off. We need some really radical approaches to our problems, not more of the same.

Health care is a mess.  We pay too much for too little.  We are a nation that thinks it is incredibly rich, yet we cannot do what every other western democracy can do.  We think we are the economic leader in the world yet we cannot rein in those who screw us daily.  We have the largest military budget in the world yet we cannot deal with a small band of idiots with bombs on their belts.

Some treat the weak proposal for health care as if it were the latest dictate from Stalin while in fact every nation that has instituted a public plan loves it and has find it to markedly improve over all health care. You cannot have it both ways — either a public plan would be too good and destroy private health care or government health care isn’t as good as privatly insured care.  Pick one.

Corporations need some real regulation beyond the weak proposal of Obama and Congress because we cannot afford to merely get back to where we were, we need to bite the bullet and make real changes. We need to break up every corporation that is "too big to fail".  We need to break up the hold on the media by a few men and allow the public to regain control over its own airwaves.

End the "War on Drugs."  End it, not amend it.  Respect the choices of some Americans to marry a person of their own gender and stop using government to discriminate against them or any other individual. Just stop it.

All of this is not as much a criticism of the President as it is a call for the Democrats to simply quit acting like Republicans.  We need those of you who think you will save your seat by voting conservative to simply resign or get a set of cajones.

We need radicals, not more nattering nabobs of negativity.  Get the hell out of the way all you old folks and "Blue Dog Democrats". It is time for reality to set it and we need you to either get with it or shut up and get out of the way.


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