Leave it to Republican frat boys to want to teabag someone. These guys have never grown up: they revel in obscene frat boy double entendres thinking that the poor democrat schmuks who were never pledged to a fraternity would not know the joke.

Well, at a time when our country is struggling for its very economic survival, these juvenile deliquent politrickers want to tea-bag Obama and every Democrat they can find. So powerless do they feel, they can only fantasize about sexually humiliating those who have taken power in the general repudiation of Republican policy.

For those of us who weren’t rich frat boys there is the Urban Dictionary [http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=teabagger] that may let the rest of us in on the sexually humiliating double entendre they have put in play during this public discourse.

teabagging has multiple meanings.
1) a man that squats on top of a womens face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex, known as “teabagging”
2) One who slaps another person in the face with their nad sack.
I just teabagged your sister
3) someone who rubs their crouch in someone else’s face, they can have underpants on, but most of the time there are no underpants.

From my fraternity days it was always a humiliation an active member [no pun intended here]heaped on a pledge, usually as they slept. I have also heard that some fraternities make this a part of initiation hazing.

So here are these Richy Rich Repugs thinking the rest of us have no idea what the dirty joke is, and so they go about wanting to tea bag members of congress, Obama and the public in general pretending that it really is an allusion to the Boston Tea Party.

As I remember my history though that was a protest over taxation without representation not a protest over returning the taxation of the rich to the tax rates of the Clinton years. And seems to me there is plenty of representation in this decision, just not Republican representation as they were so humilated in the public teabagging the electorate gave them in the 2008 general election.

So let’s just remind folks that this tea bagging thingy is a pornographic double entendre about a particular kind of sexual abuse.
Gee seems to me as Republicans are pretty expert on the sexual abuse skill set, so many of them have been arrested for sexual misdeads of various sorts during the last 8 years. [see http://www.republicansexoffenders.com/ for confirmation of this republican speciality]

So you go Repugs. You be just as salacious as you want to be. It just confirms our suspicions of the interior life [or lack there of] of your sort.


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