Extremism, always a co-conspirator of the GOP in their quest for absolute control of the nation, is emerging as the dominating force in the Republican Party’s new war against Democrats and President Barack Obama.

Led by hate-spouting iconoclasts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, Republicans are comparing Obama to Hitler, Democrats to Nazis and invoking all the fear they can muster in an effort to turn back and the clock and restore their political fortunes.

But the extremism that worked so well for Republicans in the past doesn’t stir Americans of the present. The excessive patter from Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and other GOP sycophants isn’t selling in today’s America.

Americans today want hope, not fear. They’ve been fooled too many times by the fearmongering tactics of the rabid right wing.  The hate politics of the past won’t be the future.

Still, the hate continues to flow from GOP mouths like regurgitated bile and there are always those on the fringe who will lap it up.

Writes Michael A. Cohen in The Politico:

Watching Fox News’ new sensation Glenn Beck is not for the faint of heart. It is a disquieting entree into the feverish mind of a conspiracy theorist who believes, among other things, that the government wants to remotely control our thermostats, that the relaxing of the ban on stem cell research — as well as efforts to prevent global warming — is reminiscent of Nazism, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency might be setting up concentration camps and, finally, that the country is on the path to socialism or possibly fascism but definitely some “-ism” that should be avoided.

Yet for all of his conspiracy-addled and occasionally tear-filled declarations, Beck has become the new darling of the conservative right. His show is a regular stomping ground for Republican congressmen and party pooh-bahs like Karl Rove, Sarah Palin and Michael Steele, and his ratings rival those of Fox stalwarts Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. According to The New York Times, Beck has become “one of the most powerful media voices for the nation’s conservative, populist anger.”

Populist agitators such as Beck are nothing new, particularly in times of economic instability — and they aren’t restricted to the right. During the Bush years, liberal anger over the administration’s policies bred bizarre conspiracy theories of its own, like accusations that the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job.

However, Beck’s paranoid style is seeping into the discourse of conservative politics, which should be of concern to Republicans. The charge that President Barack Obama is a socialist, first raised in the 2008 campaign, has become a de rigueur epithet heard not only on talk radio but in the halls of Congress. Calls by China to consider replacing the dollar as the global reserve currency have been met by bizarre warnings from congressional Republicans that the Obama administration wants to scrap the greenback for a new global currency. Thirty-four House Republicans have even signed on to a constitutional amendment that would prevent this from occurring, though no such proposal is being considered.


  1. “fter The Big O’s trip abroad this week, with his statements that the US is to blame for the world’s problems, his “quiet” expansion of the FISA provisions to keep anyone from suing for denial of their constitutional rights, his embrace of immature monetary policies that will bankrupt this country soon, and his narcissism that will soon belie his “I’m in it for you” attitude…

    WHO can actually blame anyone for pointing out the TRUTH?

    The problem I see is the unwillingness to evaluate such statements for their merit, instead of the feelgood, kneejerk response of of political correctness.”
    such intellectually bankrupt tripe. Obama did not blame all the worlds problems on America. That’s the EIB of profond stupidity spinning you stupid mate. reality based facts never were your strong subject. as for the rest of the mindless drivel you have posted, ever notice people like you only make the charge but can never actually back your charges with reality based facts?
    I wouldn’t call your blogs “immature” but most assuredly I would call them sophomoric drivel. and as for narcissist? try listening to Limbaugh, a fool who has taken narcissist to an art level.

  2. For those who lack the ability to engage in critical thinking skills…well those are the perfect audience to Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity and so on.

    But I guess my fear is…that the audience population that I just described makes up a very large number of our citizens who, at the hands of even way more destructive than our radio spin jockies…School Board Members who have been dumbing down our society for the last 30 years by removing civic classes from their respective school districts.

    Remember, most School Board seats are by election. So, whom do we think these folks are financed by during their elections. In other words…who is the most interested to get specific people in a board where they influence the entire education process? Follow the money…

  3. Hannity, Beck, Lamebrain, and the adulterous ex congressman from Ga are nothing but the leaders of a modern day sect of self-righteous Pharisees. Oh, I forgot O’Riley, the “high priest”. If these hypocrites ever see the “Pearly Gates”, then Judas will be there to welcome them. They are a disgrace to this country and a blight on humanity. I equate them and their “disciples” to Jim Jones and his followers.

  4. I personally never compared Bush to Hitler. However Rush Limbaugh is charismatic and inspires people similar to how Hitler did.

    All politicians aren’t the same, Carter tried to change things and now I have my fingers crossed that Obama actually will.

    Politicians seem to get in trouble only when they start to do right. Or when someone connected to the wrong middle east lobby tries to buy a Senate Seat from Gov. Blagojevich, for a politician more sympathetic to the Arab point of view. To complete my thought, see,

    I’m really glad “Return of the Republican hate mongers” remains on the front page and hope to see a Ted Stevens story remain on the front page.

    By the way Cheney and Co. constantly saying that too much civil liberties will lead to a terror attack, and the possibility of al Qaeda pressuring a released prison suspect to claim to be an al Qaeda leader is clearly slowing Obama’s plans to restore more civil liberties.


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