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This Thursday, February 12, is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln (and, coincidentally, Charles Darwin). Abraham Lincoln is commonly lauded as “our greatest president” by the mainstream media. You can thus be assured that the opposite is undoubtedly true: he was without the question the worst president, at the worst possible time, in American history.

So thorough is the indoctrination we all receive in Lincoln-worship, that most people go into a glazed look of disbelief whenever I tell them Lincoln was a big-government, tyrannical, warmongering, racist, corporatist slime-ball.

But, the heroic Lincoln fought a war to free the slaves, they often reply.

Well, no he didn’t. Lincoln made it very clear, many times, that he didn’t care if the South kept the institution of slavery, so long as they stayed in the Union. Lincoln also believed African-Americans should be forcibly repatriated back to Africa, or (if costs proved prohibitive) to the islands of the Caribbean, because the tropical climate there would suit them.

Why did Lincoln advocate this? Because he wanted America to be reserved for white workers. He opposed expansion of slavery into the western territories, not because of some high moral calling, but because he didn’t want white men to have to compete with slaves for jobs.

You can start researching all of the above here, in an essay by Walter Williams. Thomas DiLorenzo has written several books and many articles, all of them meticulously footnoted and researched, documenting the life and crimes of Abraham Lincoln. See also the comments by Paul Craig Roberts (the heroic old-line conservative who has been a prominent critic of the Bush Administration) here.

Many pundits recently have identified George W. Bush as the “worst president ever.” Don’t buy it for a moment. I say this, even though I acknowledge George W. Bush is a criminal who, in any just sort of legal system, would right now be in the stocks where his victims could pellet him with over-ripe fruit. Lincoln was the criminal who made all the despicable presidents after him possible, by transforming the “Union” (a confederacy in which the jealous states carefully delegated only a few powers to the central government) into a “Nation” (a land in which the states are merely subservient entities taking their guidance from the all-knowing central government).

If you are in shock that anyone could do any less than deify Lincoln, go to the above links and start reading. If we are ever to start unmaking this gigantic, bloated monstrosity of Washington DC central government, a good place to start is undoing the myth of Abraham Lincoln.

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