During the past several weeks I’ve been conducting a personal survey in my area concerning voter registration.

I’m an affable guy, but not in an offensive way. I have a steel trap memory so when people introduce themselves, tell me their personal stories about themselves etc., I always remember the details of the last conversation including their names. So my interface is somewhat startling to say the least to the average “asleep at the wheel of life” citizen.

Every store I frequent I know most of the occupants names and their disclosed life circumstances. Most folks are taken aback because they live in a vacuum, even with their family members ignoring them for the most part.

So over time I’ve gotten to know many people in my community.

Since they are mostly comfortable with my approach I thought I’d spring an “are you registered to vote” question on them during the past several weeks.

I’m probably too genuine and benignly intense for them to risk lying. To my dismay most have simply said they aren’t registered. So in a velvet gloved manner I gave them a mild lecture on why it’s not only their right, but more importantly their “duty” to vote and urged them to get motivated to register. They made no commitment to me, but I could tell that I caused them to “think” and also to feel a bit sheepish…!

Older folks as myself didn’t come up any better than the younger ones.

Living in Washington State which is biased towards the Democrats will be a slam dunk for Obama as well as in Oregon. Dick Cheney refers to the Pacific Northwest as “Little Beirut”. I guess anyone that isn’t a “rethuglican” must be a “terrist” (Bush pronunciation)along with Cheney’s assessment. /: |

I’m truly stunned as to how many young people sheepishly said to me they weren’t registered in addition to seniors that I thought would most assuredly be so.

I’m not trying to steer anyone towards any particular candidate, but simply to state, do your “duty” as a citizen of the United States; ie., register to vote, then vote!

Take the time to study your voters pamphlet and acquire one in the event they aren’t mailed out in your area. You surely want to be an informed voter concerning the issues.

In the event you aren’t registered, then I say get motivated and simply “do it”. That’s an order too! : )

Carl Nemo **==

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