Tuesday, September 22, 2020
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

It’s still the economy, McStupid

The global economy is in meltdown, the Dow is dropping faster than a hooker’s panties and all John McCain wants us to think about is an aging radical who paid his debt to society.

That’s right. McCain and his “you betcha” attack dog Sarah Palin continue to hammer away at Barack Obama’s casual relationship with 1960s Weather Underground radical William Ayers. Ask them about the economy and they bring up Bill Ayers. Ask them about Iraq and they talk about Bill Ayers.

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The global economy is in meltdown, the Dow is dropping faster than a hooker’s panties and all John McCain wants us to think about is an aging radical who paid his debt to society.

That’s right. McCain and his “you betcha” attack dog Sarah Palin continue to hammer away at Barack Obama’s casual relationship with 1960s Weather Underground radical William Ayers. Ask them about the economy and they bring up Bill Ayers. Ask them about Iraq and they talk about Bill Ayers.

As McCain’s Presidential campaign slides into the crapper, his campaign strategy has devolved into “All Ayers All the Time.”

And this angry, bitter old man wants to be our President.

McCain and his bubbly bimbo-like running mate represent all that is wrong with the Republican Party and the nation.  They are divisive, disruptive and disengaged from the real problems that face the country and the world.

But division is the hallmark of Republican campaigns. Damn the issues, full mudslinging ahead. Screw the facts, let’s obscure the truth with smears and fear mongering. To hell with the country: The only thing that matters is furthering the GOP agenda of regression, oppression and depression.

McCain’s actions are the sad, irresponsible failings of a desperate man, a cornered animal who will do and try anything to win.  Fortunately, if the polls are correct, his despicable actions aren’t working.

I still have doubts about Obama. What I don’t know about the man concerns me. But I know McCain and his party and what I know about both makes me puke my guts out. The Republican Party under the criminal leadership of George W. Bush and his cronies has done far more to destroy the American way of life than any Islam-spouting terrorist.

McCain wants to continue the GOP reign of terror. His campaign strategy of unrelenting mudslinging proves that. He and Palin are rabid pit bulls foaming at their mouths and throwing reason to the wind.

I understand all too well how Republicans think. I worked for them for a decade, including stints with three Republican Congressmen and work for the 1984 Reagan-Bush campaign and both the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican National Committee. I taught political tactics at New Gingrich’s American Campaign Academy.  I look back at the period in my life with shame.

To be sure, neither of the two major political parties can claim the ethical high road. Neither have a corner on morality. But Republicans make it personal and cross the line far too often.

It’s time to send the Republicans packing. As long as they stay in power, they are a threat to the United States of America.

29 thoughts on “It’s still the economy, McStupid”

  1. I believe that we are in the beginning of the throes of an inevitable police state implementation. I totally disagree with Malibu’s post that legislating against morality is what will bring about this outcome.

    It’s a government of fascist corporate globalist bankers, by fascist corporate globalist bankers, and for fascist corporate globalist bankers which is currently doing this.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

    Chuck Baldwin emphasizes his support for Ron Paul’s “Sanctity of Life Act” (H.R. 2597) that declares human life “shall be deemed to exist from conception” and bars the Supreme Court from ruling on the matter. Once legally defined as a person, insisted Baldwin, every infant in the womb would thereby be guaranteed the right to life–under the U.S. Constitution. He thundered, “If the Republican Party had been serious about life, it could have already ended legal abortion in America.”

    I believe that, going through the courts to end Roe v Wade, is something that will take decades of patience.

    Chuck believes God alone defines “marriage” in the Bible as between a man and a woman. Who is man to redefine that today? On whose hands is the blood of millions of aborted babies?

    May God have mercy on our hedonistic culture!


  2. My comments re: the Constitution Party were made out of ignorance and frustration. Thank you, Malcolm, for pointing out pertinent parts of their platform with which I strongly disagree. Obviously, I will not be voting for Baldwin.

    I feel like I have no one to vote for. Obama IS the lesser of two evils, but still evil as he is still corporately owned, and I see him doing little to help the poor working people of this country. For example, I see both, Obama and McCain, doing little for health care in this country other than to promote legislation that will do little more than further enhance insurance company profits.

    — Kent Shaw

  3. Baldwin is against . . .same sex marriages.

    Why does he care about legal contracts entered into by people he does not even know? Why should anyone care for that matter? Talk about legislating morality should begin on this topic.

    And if he doesn’t support death with dignity does that mean he supports death without dignity or death with indignity?

  4. Then you can expect a Supreme Court appointments to remove a few more choices that we still have left. Legislating against sins has always brought about a police state and I’ve had enough of the failed drug wars. Baldwin is against abortions, stem cell research, death with dignity and same sex marriages.

    If these choices frighten you Kent, then you chose well.


  5. I’m sure you will vote your conscience, as will I. I just think your perception that there’s no difference between McCain and Obama is mistaken.

    For one thing, there’s the difference in the way they’re paying for their campaigns. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but from everything I’ve read, Obama’s campaign is being financed almost entirely by millions of people like me who are kicking in a few bucks here and there. That means that if Obama does get elected, he won’t go into office beholden to, oh, say a bunch of Texas oilmen, to just pull a hypothetical example out of thin air. That fact alone will put him in a very unusual position to actually try to make some changes.

    Of course, those same hypothetical Texas oilmen are going to throw millions of dollars into a campaign to try to derail anything he tries to do, but they’d do that even if your preferred candidates got elected. At least Obama will have an organized party — if you can call the Democrats “organized” — to help him try to make some changes. A third party candidate isn’t likely to accomplish much in four years with no other political allies in Congress or any of the state legislatures.

  6. “But voting for Baldwin/Castle is not going to make things any better.”

    Nor will voting for McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden. The system is broken beyond repair. I will vote my conscience.

    — Kent Shaw

  7. It might make you feel good to convince yourself that you’re maintaining some kind of intellectual or political purity, but you’re throwing your vote away. I don’t doubt at all that we live in perilous times. But voting for Baldwin/Castle is not going to make things any better.

  8. I’m voting for Baldwin/Castle because voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

    When your 401K hits zero will you take your head out of the sand to the fact that we NOW live in perilous times? Truth arrives in its own time and is accepted in your time. Time to accept truth in truth’s time.

    Check out these two links if you think I’m lying to y’all. I don’t write what I write just to sound sensational.





  9. “I am not in love with liberalism except in some very rare cases where government helps to do the heavy lifting on projects which benefit mankind (and the marketplace) across the board as a whole. Think 1960’s space race and the tech boom that is still reverberating around the world as a result.”

    Let’s not forget the more mundane “socialist” or “liberal” projects such as roads, highways, ports, bridges, police departments, fire departments, and public schools (yes, they need work) to educate everyone, not just the elite in society. I could go on but you get the idea. In a truly libertarian or “conservative” society these would all be privatized. LIBERAL and SOCIALIST are NOT dirty words, folks. National health care is certainly a liberal/socialist idea. Well. Is it to be every man for himself or are we in this short life together? Am I my brother’s keeper or not?

    I don’t like Obama either. But he’s better than McCain. He is the lesser evil. I hate all of it. We really need to begin to organize a third party. Or give some support to the Constitution Party, possibly.

    — Kent Shaw

  10. Jeff H, you are correct and I agree that by 2012, we must weed out the current RNC and get back to the fiscal agenda of the old tried and true GOP. It was not perfect but it balanced the government through some good ideas.

    William Buckley Junior was very annoyed at the neoconservatives and often blasted the Bush Administration on many levels.

    I don’t want to lose this side of the aisle that used to be the GOP with men like Dr. Ron Paul. Do not want anyone to forget his speeches on our liberties and freedoms.

    Nice comments Jeff.


  11. Doug, and fellow Ranters, I am going to play both Pessimist and Devil’s Advocate for a moment and I hope that you will humor me.

    There’s a lot that I don’t like about Barack Obama with regard to his views on the issues.

    1) Guns and the 2nd Amendment. I like em, he doesn’t.

    2) Abortion.

    3) A big, brand new shiny lumbering bureaucratic behemoth to be erected as a solution for each and every one of our societal and economic problems, staffed by lazy, ignorant, bottom of the ladder civil service drones the size and temperament of Jabba the Hutt.

    4) An even spongier and more porous border, with a whole new set of services and entitlements for illegal aliens. Ay carumba, my only comfort is that the economy is in such dire straits that more illegals are starting to decide that maybe it ain’t worth crossing anymore.

    5) Political correctness. A tried and true Democrat tradition. Get ready for a whole new thesaurus of verbal windyfoggery and a whole new set of excuses for the seventh century shortcomings of barbaric societies as we are exhorted to embrace the cultural diversity and ignore the live animals being slaughtered and the wives being beaten next door.

    6) Taxes. No, not the ones I know we probably need to pay, to account for the wild deficit spending of the last eight years. I am talking about the taxes we will be told to pay to the rest of the world. Obama loves to send our money overseas for causes while our own need languishes. He can’t help it because his fellow Democrats won’t let him slide when their pet projects come up for renewal.

    And there’s more, but I think you get the point.
    I am not in love with liberalism except in some very rare cases where government helps to do the heavy lifting on projects which benefit mankind (and the marketplace) across the board as a whole.
    Think 1960’s space race and the tech boom that is still reverberating around the world as a result.

    But a friend brought up a very interesting point.
    He said that four years might be enough time for the Republican Party to clear out the neocon detritus and the foaming at the mouth religious whack jobs and begin the search anew for its true identity, and that if we are lucky, they might have a really good candidate for 2012, if they are brave enough to repudiate and rout out the cancer that is metastatizing them to their core right now.
    He also said that Obama is going to give us a much needed facelift on the world stage as we lick our wounds.
    Some good street cred might be nice for a change.
    We’re going to need it.
    And I am left tonight with the fitful misgivings of Christopher Buckley, son of the legendary conservative William F., who said in a recent column endorsing Obama

    “President Obama will (I pray, secularly) surely understand that traditional left-politics aren’t going to get us out of this pit we’ve dug for ourselves. If he raises taxes and throws up tariff walls and opens the coffers of the DNC to bribe-money from the special interest groups against whom he has (somewhat disingenuously) railed during the campaign trail, then he will almost certainly reap a whirlwind that will make Katrina look like a balmy summer zephyr.”

    I can only hope that Buckley is right.
    He’s already burned his ships by vowing to pull the
    “D” lever but I think so have many of us at this point.

    I don’t know if Buckley can claim to be his father’s son anymore with an Obama sign in his yard, but I hope that he will be able to give more than a little comfort to me and my friend as we do the same.

    Come on, skinny Harvard guy from Chi-town. Show us that you can broaden the scope and create a new breed of Democrat, because the old Republican brand is in the dumper. This is your chance to lead by example.
    If you do, your reward will be great, not only in Heaven, but here in the USA as well.

    Jeff H in Occupied TX

  12. Our nation suffered greatly under Bush. No one disputes that.
    One of the reasons we are in this mess is because we had a GOP congress and a GOP president.
    Just to prove how utterly ignorant we are, we are about to install a dem POTUS unknown, along with a dem congress who has proven to us they have no spine..
    I was a low level volunteer on the Hillary campaign, but the stories regarding the race baiting intimidation of the superdelegates was appalling.
    One congressman of color went public with the threates made against him.
    Obama is a thug. Period.
    McCain is the candidate I have to hold my nose and vote for or I may vote third party. There is no way I am voting for Obama. I would like America to have a little bit of hope.
    BTW Doug, when did Ayers pay his debt to society? He never apologized and only escaped conviction due to illegal wiretapping. Wow. How times have changed.

  13. Carl, you defined it in very real terms. I found President Bush’s hometown choice of words annoying as he could not even read them correctly. I want a developed brain handling the future decisions of America. I would prefer a man of Ron Paul’s character and background and my “ideals” won out and I mailed in my ballot with his name carefully printed. I have not voted for anyone printed on my ballot since the late 80s. Neither party has the ability to furnish the kind of leaders that I want.

    But mine is but a single vote and I will be able to sleep well knowing that again I voted intelligently and not emotionally. Shoot me!


  14. Carl Nemo asked:

    Do we want to listen to an intelligent, articulate gifted man such as Obama or do we want to hear the likes of John McCain, the stiff, “rusty robot”, saying “my friends” over and over for four years…?


    Actually, Carl, with McCain now pushing 73, I believe it would be FAR more likely that we’d be listening to “Gomer” Palin’s nasal (“golleee!”) twang for a good part of the next four years….

  15. One of these two guys are going to win the presidency. I realize many folks aren’t enthused with Obama or McCain.

    So let’s keep our criteria simple. Who do we want to suffer on our TV screens for the next four years? Do we want to listen to an intelligent, articulate gifted man such as Obama or do we want to hear the likes of John McCain, the stiff, “rusty robot”, saying “my friends” over and over for four years all the while screwing us over no differently than the past eight years under the Bushistas?

    Based on this simple criteria I’m going for Obama. I have little tolerance for smug, lazy-thoughted dumbsh*ts such as John McCain and company;ie.,Sarah Palin.

    Tube appeal is what it’s all about…no?!

    There will surely be some great deals on HDTV’s this holiday season predicated on this “black hole” event concerning the DOW…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  16. Frankly, I don’t see how ANYONE could vote for McCain. Period. But the tenor of his campaign is frightening: the anger he’s stoking out there is likely to set one of these nutjobs off to do just what some crowd members have been yelling about “kill him!”. How McCain could allow his campaign to continue like this I don’t know. You would think McCain would not want to go down this road: with this nation’s history towards black people: knowing how many ignorant people there are out there (some of the questions being asked at his town hall meetings are a good indication of that); knowing how many Republicans are racists; and knowing how scared people are and how scared people behave. If anything happens to Obama, and one of McCain’s crazies is the cause, McCain and Palin will be the people ultimately responsible for the disaster.

    McCain / Palin have absolutely no shame, honor, nor sense of decency. The deserve to go down in flames.

  17. Thanks, Doug! It is an empty day when you do not find compelling reason to Rant for us! I share your sentiments. But even when I disagree with you I always learn somethiing. Nice to both agree and learn!

    When a sitting Senator and a sitting Governor stand by and say nothing against supporters of their candidacy who are yelling out for the assassination of a member of Congress, then we are a sick nation. Why this pair of hooligans still draws upwards of 44% support nationally is a question to which I do not want to see the answer. Though it is heartening to see that even West Virgina is joining the increasing number of states in which the margin of lean toward the Old Man and the Pit Bull is declining.

    I just hope it is Paulson and not Cheyney who is running the Secret Service these days.

  18. Let’s not forget the race factor. I know a lot of otherwise rational people here in south central PA (Harrisburg area), a racist hotbed, who will not vote for Obama simply because he is black. They will be voting against their own interests, but they will vote for McCain because they’ll “be damned if I’ll vote for a “goddamn n****r”. Racism just may elect John McCain. Sad, but true.

    — Kent Shaw

  19. The DemoRebuplicratic party (singular) believes it’s in TOTAL control now. They have NO CLUE that God Almighty is still in control. The bogus assumption that the TRUE perpetrators of the fateful 9/11 attack on our beloved Republic are still at large in Afghanistan or Pakistan is a freakin JOKE! Those SAME perpetrators which REALLY attacked us on 9/11 are NOW in the process of perpetrating the even bigger economic ‘terrorist attack’ on our Republic with this ‘IN YOUR FACE’ bogus bailout! Investigate for YOURSELVES the TOTALLY BOGUS NIST report on the WTC7 ‘pulled by deliberate implosion’ five hours later, facts! This mainstream media marginalized ‘false flag attack’ ‘conspiracy theory’ if you ‘think it’s not al-Qaeda you’re not patriotic,’ reasoning is their bogus assumption which justifies their rip off the U.S. taxpayers ‘war on terror.’ This meme is TRULY the LIE OF THE CENTURY! I repeat, it’s the SAME perpetrators who are attacking us now with this corrupt ‘global’ theft ‘Humpty Dumpty’ shell game bailout scheme who attacked us on 9/11. The ONLY difference now is that they have the support of most of Congress and Wall Street. I have no reason to lie to y’all. The evidence has ALWAYS been there! Wake up! When y’all figure out I’m telling the truth it may be too late. Is their next step martial law? Time will tell!

    May God have mercy on our once good nation!


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