George W. Bush’s public humiliation at the hands of his own party showcases the lack of clout left for America’s most unpopular President in history as he heads into the waning days of his failed Presidency.

With the White House scrambling to salvage its controversial, $750 billion bailout plan before the nation plunges headlong into a depression, the President finds himself a pariah within his own party.

Meanwhile, his public popularity, already at an all-time low, continues to slide.

Reports AFP:

President George W. Bush on Tuesday pursued his two-week blitz on behalf of an economic rescue package, a thus-far failed effort showing his lack of clout five weeks before voters pick his successor.

"He has no political capital. If the banks have no capital, then neither does George W. Bush. And I don’t think there’s a rescue plan for him," said Eric Davis, a political scientist at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Offering fresh warnings but no specific news ideas in public, Bush pleaded Tuesday with lawmakers opposed to the Wall Street bailout, particularly fellow Republicans, to accept that government inaction will only deepen the crisis.

"The reality is that we are in an urgent situation, and the consequences will grow worse each day if we do not act," said Bush, who has delivered similar written, televised and radio appeals for 12 of the past 13 days.

He has used formal, prime-time speeches to the nation; written statements; his address to the UN General Assembly; joint public appearances at one-on-one meetings with world leaders; and even an unprecedented White House crisis summit with congressional leaders and both major contenders to succeed him.

Bush has wooed reluctant lawmakers by telephone, while top economic aides such as Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and political advisers like Vice President Dick Cheney and White House chief of staff Josh Bolten have called and reached out in person as part of an all-out campaign.

But on Monday, the House of Representatives voted 228-205 to reject plans to pump as much as 700 billion dollars to save troubled banks, with 133 of Bush’s Republicans joining 95 Democrats in voting no.


  1. George W. Bush has got perp written all over his face.



  2. The Shrub couldn’t care anything less about our country other then how his legacy will be in the history books, however, I don’t think he even cares about that when Mommy & Daddy Shrub have bought property in Paraguy with the expectation that Baby Shrub may be up for further trouble down the road after his reign of error with war crimes charges from the Hague and/or post Shrub Administration Government investigations into his uncounted illegal shenanigans.

    The D-Crappers let Baby Shrub get away with all his BS so I don’t think it likely that the D-Crappers will go after Baby Shrub anyway, so Baby Shrub won’t have to hide in Paraguy.

    To Hell with D-Crapper Traitors like Fancy Pants ‘no more blank checks for Bush’ Pelosi and Hairy ‘Retro-Active Immunity for Telecoms’ Reed.

    Hey Woody88, I’m a San Franciscan and I absolutely dispise Nancy Pelosi and I am supporting Cindy Sheehan’s campaign against Fancy Pants Pelosi.

    No More Lexus Liberals!

    No More Fancy Pants Suit Wenches(Nancy & Hillary)!

    Vote Nader!

  3. If I’m not mistaken impeachment takes everything else off the table in congress, which we can’t afford to do at this particular point. Not that I wouldn’t like to see it happen!!

    Other than that, we certainly are reaping the rewards of the late neoconservative ventures into overt imperialism. Every great “empire” has been brought down by over extension, and this one is no different.

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