It’s not that the American People are stupid or even uninformed on the issues.

It’s that the issues themselves have become deliberately complex, obfuscated by legalese, and “newspeak”.

So much of the information and investigation that is essential is hidden, withheld or blocked by “executive privilege” and “ongoing investigation” and “we will not comment”.

It’s enough to make your head explode.

I am on my third or fourth exploded head already.

We have a “Virtual List” of national and international horrors that are parading across the landscape. We all know what is on “Virtual List”

I’ll let the media off the hook to the extent that no “journalist” is given the resources needed to pursue even one of the items on the “Virtual List”.

Doing our homework… I get to do a lot more homework, as I am not employed.

But, when kitchen table conversations about issues turns to, say, something relatively simple as why eggs are so expensive, the explanation becomes a lecture, then a seminar, then a full blown Economics 301 class at the University.

Until everyone sighs, gets more salsa and chips, then someone volunteers to make a beer run.

I can say the same about every item on this “Virtual List“.

I could write essays on each item, with appropriate notations, references, and bibliography. But no one will ever be able to understand a single essay unless they read all the essays, and read them in sequence.

There are no clear simple explanations. This “Virtual List“ is a ball of yarn tangled up by a malicious cat with vicious intent, and a desire to leave it all tangled, while it makes money and empowers itself by promising to untangle it.

There is no Super Wal-Mart to go to that has the items on the list to “get” and check off. But it’s got lots and lots of shiny new real distractions that keep us from crossing items off the “Virtual List“

I’ve already made this too long. So like a good essay, here is the summation.

1. We are in a terrible mess and it can only get worse.
2. The Republicans and their allies are responsible
3. It is deliberate and by design to maximize results.
4. We’re gonna do some suffering here. Be prepared.

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