Obama offers offshore oil drilling program

Obama offers offshore oil drilling program

President Barack Obama, who campaigned against offshore drilling for oil during his 2008 Presidential campaign, now wants to allow such drilling 50 miles off the Virginia coast and may open up other stretches of the Atlantic coast and areas off Alaska. Obama will offer a program that reverses the long-standing ban on coastal drilling outside […]

Allen took bribes, then failed to report stock options

Sen. George Allen sold his support and votes to companies that rewarded him with stock options and then failed to report those stock holdings as required by law.

Allen’s illegal actions place him in direct violation of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and the rules of the U.S. Senate as well as federal laws that prohibit elected officials from accepting bribes.

An investigation into Allen by The Associated Press shows Allen cashed in on contacts he made as governor of Virginia, receiving appointments to boards and receiving stock options as rewards. He then rewarded those companies with support and votes after becoming a U.S. Senator.

Allen, whose campaign has stumbled this year because of his history of racist comments, now may face criminal charges for more serious misdeeds.