USA Patriot Act

Obama leads America’s goose-stepping march towards a fascist state

Obama leads America’s goose-stepping march towards a fascist state

As the economy continues to sputter and ill-conceived wars in Iraq and Afghanistan remain stalled, the erratic administration of Barack Obama can point to progress on one front: America’s headlong rush from a free society to a fascist state. Obama’s election was supposed to bring an end to the police-state tactics of George W. Bush […]

Congress endorses, extends Patriot Act abuses

Congress, under a Democratic leadership that once promised to roll back the excesses of the USA Patriot Act, gave overwhelming approval to an extension of the act without any new protections or restrictions to curb widespread government spying and other widespread intrusions into the lives of American citizens. By a 315-97 vote Thursday, the House […]

Democrats retreat again, scrap privacy protections

Democrats continued their political agenda of retreating under fire Wednesday by agreeing to back down on proposals to implement new privacy protections in the controversial USA Patriot Act, choosing instead to extend the current law for another year without change. Senate Democratic Leaders scrapped new curbs on privacy abuse and caved in to Republican pressure […]