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Three young friends of Boston bomber now in federal custody

Three young friends of Boston bomber now in federal custody

Just hours before one of the Boston Marathon suspects and his brother allegedly gunned down a campus police officer, authorities say he exchanged a series of text messages with a friend who’d become suspicious after seeing what looked like a familiar face being flashed on television. Dias Kadyrbayev, a student at the University of Massachusetts […]

FBI wants more answers from surviving, mute bombing suspect

The 19-year-old charged with the Boston Marathon bombing, his throat injured by a gunshot wound, wrote down answers to the questions of investigators about his motives and connections to any terror networks. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s answers led them to believe he and his brother were motivated by a radical brand of Islam without major terror connections, […]

SWAT teams patrol Boston as manhunt for surviving bomber continues

SWAT teams in armored vehicles took command of the tense and locked-down streets of Boston and its suburbs Friday in an all-out hunt for the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect after his older brother died in a desperate getaway attempt. Law enforcement officials and family members identified the suspects as 19-year-old Massachusetts college student Dzhokhar […]