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Levin is acting Ways and Means chair

Levin is acting Ways and Means chair

Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark held the acting chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee for just one day before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi replaced him with Michigan Democrat Rep. Sander Levin. Levin will hold the seat until the ethics matters surrounding New York Congressman Charles Rangel are resolved and he either returns […]

Skeptical Democrats not sold on Obama’s latest health care plan

Skeptical Democrats not sold on Obama’s latest health care plan

President Barack Obama faces skepticism on his latest revised health care plan not only from Republicans but also from Democrats who have one eye on polls and the other on a tough re-election campaign in 2010. Obama Wednesday called on Congress to put aside a year of partisanship and bitter divisions over his faltering health […]

Anti-abortion Democrats threaten health care bill

Anti-abortion Democrats threaten health care bill

The fate of President Barack Obama‘s signature health care bill in Congress could lie in the hands of a dozen Democrats who oppose abortion and who want a provision barring it. Michigan Democratic Rep. Bob Stupak says he and his fellow anti-abortion Democrats are prepared to take the heat if they can sink the bill. […]

Reconciliation: GOP’s new dirty word

Democrats may hold the majorities in the House and Senate but they are losing the propaganda war daily to Republicans when it comes to opinions of the hearts and minds of the American people, especially on the divisive issue of health care reform. Now, as House and Senate leaders push for passage of health care […]

Pelosi: Back the health care bill even if it costs you your job

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has an incredible message for her Democratic colleagues: Support health care even if it costs them their seat in Congress. Appearing Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” news talk program, Pelosi said health care is too important to play it safe politically. “We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service […]

Pelosi backs scandal-ridden Rangel

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, once again forgetting her pledge to “drain the swamp” of scandal from Congress, won’t ask scandal-scarred Ways & Mean Chairman Charles Rangel of New York to give up his chairmanship of Congress. Instead Pelosi, as she did with ethics-challenged Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha, who died earlier this month, is […]

Toyota’s boss gets a Congressional grilling

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda had his come-to-Jesus session with Congress Wednesday but problems for he and his embattled company are far from over. The world’s largest automaker still faces investigations by federal prosecutors in New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission plus lawsuits and backlash from angry consumers. Dealers must repair millions of cars […]

The high cost of bi-partisanship

Memo to members of Congress: Bi-partisanship may be hazardous to your fund raising. Just ask Louisiana Republican Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao, the sole Republican supporter of Democratic-sponsored health care reform in the House. He is running out of campaign cash after his fund raising dropped 40 percent following his decision to support the health care […]