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A final shootout…and then it was over

For just a few minutes, it seemed like the dragnet that had shut down a metropolitan area of millions while legions of police went house to house looking for the suspected Boston Marathon bomber had failed. Weary officials lifted a daylong order that had kept residents in their homes, saying it was fruitless to keep […]

SWAT teams patrol Boston as manhunt for surviving bomber continues

SWAT teams in armored vehicles took command of the tense and locked-down streets of Boston and its suburbs Friday in an all-out hunt for the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect after his older brother died in a desperate getaway attempt. Law enforcement officials and family members identified the suspects as 19-year-old Massachusetts college student Dzhokhar […]

Recession, tech cost middle class Americans their jobs

Recession, tech cost middle class Americans their jobs

Five years after the start of the Great Recession, the toll is terrifyingly clear: Millions of middle-class jobs have been lost in developed countries the world over. And the situation is even worse than it appears. Most of the jobs will never return, and millions more are likely to vanish as well, say experts who […]