Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Soldier suspected of WikiLeaks mistreated, tortured

Detained U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning's supporters went public with their concerns about the harsh conditions of his imprisonment — he has no access...

New media? Everything new is old again

Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz shocked his colleagues and even his critics this week when he announced he was leaving the Post after...

Happy birthday to us

Capitol Hill Blue is 16 years old this morning. That's right: 16. In Internet terms, that's a lifetime...and more. This experiment in web political journalism began...

Ten reasons NOT to read Capitol Hill Blue

1) You’re already depressed enough about things in your personal life that you can’t control. 2) Some of Doug’s titles are such downers that you can’t bring yourself to read the column, "Losing America" for example. Trust me. I read it and now I have all I can do to keep from having a second glass of pinot noir. 3) The other columnists, myself included, seem to have refined kvetching to an internet version of graffiti.