Thursday, May 24, 2018
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More Trump lies in claims about coal mining jobs

Donald Trump says he would bring back lost coal-mining jobs, and he is positioning for the November election in big coal states by portraying...

Shades of Nixon? Obama uses “enemies list” to target, harass...

The Obama White House is targeting Republicans with a Nixon-style "enemies list" by using a "truth squad" that releases inaccurate information about donors to...

FactCheck’s record of errors, corrections

FactCheck.Org, the self-proclaimed purveyor of truth on the Internet, has a checkered history of getting things wrong and often has to correct its own mistakes in reports about the purported false claims of others.

A random check of stories published by FactCheck.Org since Jan. 1, 2008 found at least 11 articles where the organization was forced to correct its own errors and admit it either reached a false conclusion or simply got it wrong.

Just one day after claiming Capitol Hill Blue is a web site with a history of retracting stories and apologizing to readers, FactCheck.Org retracted one of its own stories and apologized to its readers -- the latest in a series of errors and corrections that come at a rate higher than Blue or other web sites that FactCheck judges by its own harsh and hypocritical standard.