White House

Bush faces death row decision

It is growing increasingly likely that a decision not faced by any president in nearly 50 years will fall to the next occupant of the Oval Office.

Since 2006, President Bush has had on his desk a recommendation from the Army that two soldiers on the U.S. military’s death row be executed for the crimes they committed while in the service.

McClellan: Turn coat or truth seeker?

Presidential spokesmen traditionally have worn cloaks of loyalty to their graves. But are they really honor-bound to toe the party line after they leave the White House?

Some former White House spokesmen think Bush’s one-time press secretary, Scott McClellan, should have stepped down if he really believed, as he says in his new book, that Bush “signed off on a strategy for selling the war that was less than candid and honest.”

Did McClellan hurt Bush or himself?

Scott McClellan, a failed, former press secretary for President Bush, has written a book detailing various outrages the administration supposedly committed and that he helped facilitate, and in the process has badly smirched someone’s reputation. His own.

The selling out of the President

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has given new meaning to the word loyalty. Actually, the longtime Texas ally of George W. Bush has redefined it to stand for something entirely the opposite of Webster’s version.

A peek inside Bush’s house of lies

Scott McClellan, President Bush’s famously loyal and tight-lipped press secretary, recalled that “I promised reporters and the public that I would someday tell the whole story of what I knew.” Did he ever. He was not just blowing smoke.

Bush intentionally lied about Iraq

President Bush’s former press secretary says President George W. Bush intentionally lied about the reasons for invading Iraq and about so-called “progress” in that war-torn country.

Scott McClellan says Bush relied on “propaganda” instead of fact to mislead the American public about his failed Iraq war.

The White House fired back Wednesday by claiming McClellan is “disgruntled.”

The Texas (White House) two-step

When presidents begin their lame-duck lap, top advisers are often the first to flee. And lo, it came to pass last week that President Bush found himself in the Holy Land without his Karl Rove.

Which may be why the president wound up doing his own political dirty work.

Bush league political pandering

George Bush is such a stickler for the niceties of the presidency that he instituted a White House dress code and will not enter the Oval Office without a suit jacket. Thus, it’s mildly shocking that he would violate an unwritten nicety of the capital — partisanship stops at the water’s edge — and in rather ugly fashion.

Speaking to the Israeli parliament, Bush said:

Bush gave up golf for Iraq war

In the kind of convoluted, twisted logic that could only come from a detached, dispassionate President, George W. Bush said Tuesday that he cared so much about the soldiers dying in his failed Iraq war that he gave up golf.

That’s right. The President of the United States says he just couldn’t play on the links while Americans died in Iraq.