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Joe Wilson: One apology is enough

One apology is enough, a digging-in-his-heels Rep. Joe Wilson said Sunday, challenging Democratic leaders who want him to say on the House floor that he's sorry for yelling "You lie!" during President Barack Obama's health care speech to Congress. The leadership plans to propose a resolution of disapproval this week if the South Carolina Republican doesn't publicly apologize to Congress. Such a measure would put lawmakers on the record as condemning those two words, uttered during last Wednesday's prime-time speech, that have become a fundraising boon for the defiant Wilson and his Democratic challenger. Wilson said a resolution would show that Democrats simply wanted to play politics and divert attention from a health care overhaul that is lagging in Congress.
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Obama heads for Wall Street

Pushing Congress to act on proposed financial regulations, President Barack Obama is going to the heart of Wall Street on the first anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse to outline changes needed to prevent a future crisis like the one that sent the global economy into a tailspin last year. Obama has called on Congress to pass a sweeping overhaul of how financial institutions behave but has seen slower-than-sought action. Administration officials said the president will use Lehman Brothers as a starting point to again decry a hands-off approach from Washington that enabled irresponsible lending that sent the nation's largest financial institutions to the brink of collapse and the larger economy to the edge.
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Bin Laden: Obama is ‘powerless’

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden warned President Barack Obama that he is "powerless" to halt the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and must rethink his policy on Israel, in his first message for three months. The message, which accused "neo-conservatives" of maintaining a grip on the White House, was released Sunday, two days after the United States marked the eighth anniversary of Al-Qaeda's September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. Titled "Message to the American People," the video -- released by the As-Sahab media branch of Al-Qaeda -- features a still image of bin Laden and an audio statement, said the IntelCenter US monitoring group.
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Obama’s lobbying reform ain’t working

President Barack Obama's new special interest rules are having unexpected consequences with some lobbyists giving up their formal registrations and finding other ways to influence policy as they try to maintain access to key agencies or hope for future government jobs. Congressional aides, industry executives and watchdog groups say the rules have also slowed Obama's ability to fill key government jobs, eliminated some highly qualified candidates and kept away some others who worry tougher "revolving door" rules could tie their hands in the future. "The president's executive order isn't working the way they planned," said one top Washington industry lobbyist, who asked not to be identified, given the sensitivity of the subject.
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Obama played numbers game in speech

Tucked into President Barack Obama's speech to the U.S. Congress was a new talking point -- that his aim is to get health insurance for 30 million uninsured people, not 46 million. "There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage," Obama said on Wednesday. Back in August, he had said: "We've got 46-47 million people without health insurance in our country." Why the change? White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama was making the point that under his plan, illegal immigrants would not get health insurance. "The proposal that the president outlined covers American citizens," Gibbs told reporters. "His plan would not cover illegal immigrants."
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Obama’s speech could save the day

President Obama's eloquent address to a joint session of Congress was one he should have made a lot sooner, before the health-care debate started to spiral out of control.

He was too aloof and hands off at the outset and distressingly slow in answering attacks and distortions, a mistake he vowed not to repeat. "Death panels," he said, are "a lie, plain and simple."

His forcefulness was intended to reassure wavering Democrats that he would fight for health care and the new level of detail in the speech indicated that he was willing to get his hands dirty in the sausage making of legislation.

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Obama’s health care reform is a lie

Dive in just about anyplace you like in President Barack Obama's health-care speech the other night, and you bump into something abrasively wrongheaded, so much so that the whole thing can almost be summed up by Rep. Joe Wilson's shout: "Lie!"

It was unquestionably out of line to do what the South Carolinian did, of course, as uncivil as when Democrats booed President George Bush during a State of the Union speech four years ago.

But wait, I am sorry, Bush surely deserved it and Democrats can do no wrong. Wilson, on the other hand, insulted mass-media hero Obama and will pay dearly while too few focus on the remark that inspired his ire.

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We don’t need no stinkin’ public option

President Barack Obama has never been wedded to a government-run health insurance plan.

The will-he-or-won't-he obsession over how hard Obama might fight to include the so-called public option in a health care reform package has been — let's be honest — mostly just noise.

Obama settled that Washington parlor game in his speech to Congress and a television-watching public Wednesday night. The president praised the public option but called it only a means to the end of providing more competition, not crucial on its own.

"We should remain open to other ideas that accomplish our ultimate goal," he said.

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Can Obama close the deal?

President Barack Obama's leadership in the days ahead will determine whether his forceful health care address to Congress heralds the kind of sweeping change he promised while campaigning for the White House.

Addressing Democrats and Republicans in the House chamber, along with Washington insiders and Americans with and without health insurance, Obama spelled out where he stands on key issues in dispute as Congress struggles to revamp the nation's health care system. While some of his explanations — notably on costs — were incomplete, he left no doubt he's taking ownership.

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Obama: ‘Time for bickering is over’

President Barack Obama told Congress on Wednesday "the time for bickering is over" and called for quick action on a broad healthcare overhaul that would dramatically transform the U.S. health system and insurance market.

In a sometimes emotional speech, Obama said lawmakers were "closer to the goal of reform than we have ever been" and spelled out proposals he said would improve stability for those with insurance and expand the options for those without, including a controversial government-run "public option."

He issued a sharp rebuke to critics of his healthcare drive, accusing them of substituting scare tactics for honest debate.

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