Iraq, U.S. claim deal still on track

The United States and Iraq remain committed to striking a deal on the status of US troops in Iraq before the end of the presidency of George W. Bush, officials from both countries said Sunday.

The inevitable war nobody wants

The world heads for another war in the Persian Gulf that nobody wants but everybody seems to need. Looming behind the most crucial dynamics is the possible presidency of Barack Obama, suggesting that war may become inevitable due to the fear of peace. After eight years of Bush-Cheney, such is the state of our world.

The decline of al Qaeda

As al Qaeda in Iraq’s fortunes wane, it has no one but itself to blame. President Bush’s troop surge indisputably has crushed al-Qaeda and other terrorists, while Iraqi soldiers have honed their ability to hammer deadly insurgents.

Remember why it’s called Memorial Day

The price of going somewhere this Memorial Day weekend is up. Gasoline is closing in on $4 a gallon and a major airline wants to charge you $15 to check a bag. But then the cost of staying home for Memorial Day is up too. The ingredients of a backyard barbecue are up 6 percent over last year.

Hanky panky during war is now legal

For single and discreet U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, sex in the combat zone is now legal, though distinctly discouraged.

The brass recently eased a general ban on sexual relations for unmarried American troops and any single U.S. civilians working for them in Afghanistan. But commanders are quick to add that doesn’t mean flagrant hanky-panky is in order.

Remembering Ernie Pyle

Something came for me in the mail the other day. I don’t remember what it was exactly, but up in the right-hand corner of the envelope a familiar face stared out at me. Finally, after thirty years, I thought, they’ve gone and put an old friend of mine on a postage stamp. The stamp read, “Ernie Pyle, Journalist.”

100 more years

In two days of congressional hearings, only passing reference was made to a critical document, the long-term-security agreement the Bush administration is negotiating with Iraq.

What reference was made had to do with whether it required, as most treaties do, Senate approval.

War? We can’t handle any more wars

Now and then predictions of a pending U.S. invasion of Iran still raise their ugly head on the Internet no matter how illogical or unsustainable. That secret plan scenario is most assuredly going to follow President Bush and his fellow plotters right out the door of the White House nine months from now.

Iraq war going from bad to worse

President George W. Bush’s failed Iraq war, the same war he recently claimed was “being won,” is going from bad to worse as violence increases and deep rifts emerge within the country’s fragile coalitions.

As violence escalates, Bush and other supporters of the war still claim that the war can be won and that progress is being made.

The 100 years war and campaign issue

In a moment he may regret, John McCain did something dangerous for a politician. He spoke the truth. He said we might have to continue a presence in Iraq for 100 years. While honest, thoughtful, historically informed observers would concur with McCain, that rules out the Democrats, who saw a political opportunity and struck.

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