Foley blames his problems on pedophile priest

First it was alcoholism. Now disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley claims a pedophile priest is responsible for his problems.

Foley, who resigned amid disclosures of his inappropriate behavior with young male pages on Capitol Hill, now says a priest molested him when he was a young man.

Bush gets loud to try and drown out the latest scandal

President George W. Bush tried in vain Tuesday to turn attention away from the mushrooming scandal involving the GOP’s mishandling of the Rep. Mark Foley Scandal but his escalating rhetoric on familiar campaign themes fell short.

Bush’s frantic attempts showed the level of desperation that is sweeping through Republican camps as the party tries to recover from the latest scandal.

Time to vote a straight ticket


Given that I am a passionate (some say crazed) liberal, people are surprised when I tell them I’ve probably voted for almost as many Republicans as Democrats.

West Virginia Democrat caught with his pants down

While most of the attention this week has focused on the questionable sexual activities of former Republican Congressman Mark Foley, a Democratic state senator in West Virginia finds himself painted, so to speak, in less than flattering ways.

Photos showing State Sen. Randy White of West Virginia wearing only body paint and cavorting with two other men have placed his political future in doubt.

Denny Hastert: Symbol of an out-of-control GOP Congress

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a perfect poster child for the Republican Party: Bloated and out-of-control.

With his multiple chins spilling over a too-tight dress shirt collar, Hastert is at once buffoon and bluster – a belching dispenser of contradictory hot air spilling out of an out-of-shape mass of fat. But he’s also very, very dangerous.

Hypocrisy : Bush claims Democrats can’t be trusted

In an ironic display of incredible political hypocrisy, President George W. Bush, the President whose administration is marked by an uncountable list of lies, is telling voters that the Democratic Party is weak-kneed on national security and shouldn’t be trusted to hold the reins of Congress.

Blogs helped expose Foleygate

Scripps Howard Foundation Wire

ABC News was the first traditional media outlet to report explicit instant messages between former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., and under-aged congressional pages, but an Internet blog broke the story almost a week earlier.

Foley fallout continues


The resignation of Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley, after disclosure of his sexually explicit Internet communications with a former House page, sent shock waves through the missing-and-exploited-children community, which had once counted on Foley’s support.

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