Senate slated for historic bipartisan vote on gay rights bill

Senate slated for historic bipartisan vote on gay rights bill

The Senate is headed for a historic vote on legislation outlawing workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, demonstrating the nation’s quickly evolving attitude toward gay rights nearly two decades after Congress rejected same-sex marriage. All 55 members of the Democratic majority, including senators from the Deep South, and several Republicans were expected to […]

Senate candidate McGavick in hot water with Warner

Mike McGavick, a Republican waging an uphill race for the Senate, called Monday for the replacement of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the creation of a bipartisan panel to propose new directions for the Iraq war.

But the plan drew a quick response from Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner, R-Va., who seemed to take issue with an implication that he supported McGavick’s ideas.

McGavick said he had talked about his ideas with Warner and Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., on Monday following their recent criticism of the administration’s handling of the war.

Fighting a domestic war called traffic jams

We only have to look out our windshields for proof: Commuting traffic is getting worse. But now there’s scientific proof in the form of a new report from the National Academies.

We are leaving home earlier — more and more often before 6 a.m., driving farther and longer, on the order of an hour or more, making more stops on the way and, by and large, doing it alone.

All of this must drive the traffic planners nuts, because every time they get their hands on the problem, it moves.

Lieberman comes under fire in testy debate

Sen. Joe Lieberman might as well have worn a bull’s-eye during Monday’s debate with his Democratic and Republican rivals.

Democrat Ned Lamont labeled the three-term Connecticut senator a career politician in lockstep with President Bush on Iraq. Long-shot Republican Alan Schlesinger described himself as the only conservative in a race against two liberals, warning GOP voters about Lieberman’s mostly Democratic voting record.

Lieberman took the jabs and delivered a few of his own.

Bonnie Garcia wouldn’t kick Arnold out of her bed

When it came out last month that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had privately opined that Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia had a “very hot” temperament because of her ethnicity, the Latina Republican from Cathedral City wasn’t mad.

In fact, she said at the time, she was going to keep campaigning for him.

In fact, she reportedly told a high school economics class in La Quinta last Tuesday, “I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.” The remark, reported by the Palm Springs-based Desert Sun Sunday, came when Garcia, who is single, was asked her impressions of the governor, who isn’t.

Time to lower the boom on the party of gloom & doom

Republicans nowadays must feel like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis. With just a little over three weeks to go before the pivotal November mid-term elections, that ache in their gut is only going to get worse.

More and more Republican candidates distance themselves from the fallen leader of their party and his many failed policies, ranging from the Iraq war to assaults on personal freedoms and liberties.

For many, the decision to avoid their faltering President comes too late. By clinging to a flawed political strategy for too long they will go down in flames.

Mitch McConnell: A thug and shakedown artist

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is a thug who shakes down political contributors and strong arms government agencies into awarding contracts to his donors.

That’s the conclusion of an investigation by the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader into the Kentucky Senator’s activities.

Reports Editor & Publisher:

Smile! You’re on Internet candid camera!

Want to catch a senator napping during a congressional hearing? Or letting a possible racial slur slip out at a campaign rally?

Then log on to Internet video-sharing Web sites like — the latest weapon in U.S. politics where a candidate’s missteps can be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Political campaigns for the November 7 congressional elections have sent out mass e-mails with links to videos of opponents in unscripted, often embarrassing, situations.

More Republicans speak out against Bush’s Irag war

Two leading Republican senators called Sunday for a new strategy in Iraq, saying the situation in getting worse and leaving the United States with few options.

Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and John Warner of Virginia are part of the growing list of Republicans who are speaking out against President Bush’s current plan for Iraq as U.S. casualties rise.

“The American people are not going to continue to support, sustain a policy that puts American troops in the middle of a civil war,” Hagel said on CNN’s “Late Edition.”

Sen. Conrad Burns: A buffoon fights to save his seat

In this small farm town on the prairie, rebuilding a highway span that passes over a busy railroad track costs millions of dollars. Getting the money for that project and others is a big reason Sen. Conrad Burns remains popular.

“Conrad Burns is like a neighbor,” said Cynthia Johnson, a Republican county commissioner who credits the three-term GOP senator with securing millions for the state.

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