Bush’s hard sell ain’t selling


Despite the usual Democratic jeering and sniping from the sidelines, the battle over warrantless eavesdropping taking place in the Senate Judiciary Committee is between two branches of government, the presidency and Congress, both controlled by Republicans.

Divided Nation Syndrome


Divided nation, divided nation. Sometimes I think if I hear that phrase just one more time, I’ll scream. In a country where a 55 percent margin of victory in a presidential race is and historically has been considered a landslide, I wish someone would explain when we were NOT a divided nation.

Bush’s budget headaches

President Bush sent his GOP allies in Congress an austere budget for next year that is filled with political land mines and flush with difficult choices.

Right wing says Bush sold them out

Conservatives have long had doubts about whether or not George W. Bush is really one of them and the big government programs the President proposed in his State of the Union address have the shaking their heads and wondering what the heck is going on.

Congress reluctant to give up junkets

The public outcry over abuses of Congressional travel has not deterred members of Congress from resisting efforts to limit their junkets to exotic lands. Even the man picked to replace the system’s biggest abuser wants the practice of Congressional junkets continued.

Domestic spying provides GOP loyalty test

Since George W. Bush became president, Republicans in Congress have nearly always marched in lock step with him. In large measure, their clout as lawmakers was enhanced by standing shoulder to shoulder with the president, the Los Angeles Times reports. But that equation may be changing, and a crucial test comes next week when a Senate hearing opens into Bush’s domestic spying program.