November 19, 2017 | In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Sunday, November 19, 2017

In January, within days of the breaking of the worst lobbying scandal in decades, congressional leaders pledged swift and bold reform. That hasn't happened, and Congress may be months away from coming together on the issue.

The Senate, within sight last week of passing a tough lobbying and ethics bill, got sidetracked by the Dubai port-management controversy and has moved on to other topics. House Republicans, at odds over such issues as whether to ban privately funded travel, have yet to introduce a bill.

Democrats have seized on the collapse of the Dubai ports deal to buttress their case that George W. Bush is an incompetent president unable to get the job done at home or abroad.

Uncle Sam wants YOU, that famous Army recruiting poster says. But does he really? Not if you're a Ritalin-taking, overweight, Generation Y couch potato -- or some combination of the above.

As for that fashionable "body art" that the military still calls a tattoo, having one is grounds for rejection, too.

Republican contenders for the White House walked a political tightrope at a weekend gathering of party activists -- expressing solidarity with President George W. Bush while stressing differences over issues such as deficits and big government.

While praising Bush's leadership, they condemned runaway government spending, rising debt and expanding bureaucracies -- which have grown under Bush and added to a flood of political difficulties that have sent his approval ratings plummeting.


There's no getting around it. The Dubai deal ended badly for all concerned -- except those members of Congress, Republican and Democratic, running for re-election who exploited it to puff up their national-security credentials.

President Bush's Domestic Policy Advisor, who resigned last month with the standard "I want to spend more time with my family" excuse, is charged with trying to defraud two Washington stores in an elaborate refund scheme.
U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly abruptly announced Friday that he is dropping his re-election bid because of a medical condition, leaving Republicans without a candidate just before the state filing deadline.
There will be no more dogfights for the Tomcat. The last two squadrons of the sleek, Cold War fighter jet returned home from their final deployment Friday, two decades after the warplanes were glamorized in the 1986 Tom Cruise movie Top Gun.

Norton quits

Interior Secretary Gale Norton resigned Friday after five years of guiding the Bush administration's initiative to open government lands in the West to more oil and gas drilling, logging, grazing and commercial recreation.


More and more people, particularly Republicans, disapprove of President Bush's performance, question his character and no longer consider him a strong leader against terrorism, according to an AP-Ipsos poll documenting one of the bleakest points of his presidency.