Up yours honkie bitch

Scandal-ridden Louisiana Democratic Congressman William Jefferson is pissed at the leader of his party in the House. So pissed he reportedly called Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a "tight-assed honkie bitch."

The New York Times goes tabloid

The above-the-fold story in The New York Times suggests the marriage of former President Bill Clinton and his hope-to-be-President wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, is a union of political convenience, staged for public show while they lead mostly separate lives.  This is news?

Can’t anybody get anything right?

Internet gossip monger Matt Drudge, who never met a rumor he couldn’t publish if it is anti-Democrat or pro-Republican. pulled a post from his web site after the Democratic National Committee threatened legal action. But that’s just one of a rash of "just quite get it right" screwups on the ‘Net these days.

Out, out damn truth!

As more and more information comes in on the Jason Leopold-Truthout Karl Rove indictment non-story, it looks more and more like the story was without truth. Our sources within the Patrick Fitzgerald investigation, ones who have proven reliable in the past, tell us Rove wasn’t indicted 10 days ago and may never be indicted (even though Fitzgerald still considers him a target). If an indictment is to come, it has not come yet. The case, they say is incomplete.

Who do you trust?

If you can believe The Washington Post’s media writer Howard Kurtz (and, at this point we’re not sure who to believe on this story), some 35 major news organizations tried to confirm Jason Leopold’s claim that Karl Rove had been indicted by the CIA leak grand jury but not one could confirm the report.

Bush’s betrayal

A lot of people in America feel betrayed by George W. Bush but his so-called "conservative base" considers him the greatest traitor of all time.

Say what?

We’ve seen a lot of conspiracy theories come and go but a lawsuit in Durango, Colorado, is the first time we’ve seen a newspaper sued for not taking part in one.