The horror of war

To date, 73 journalists have died in Iraq, more media casualties than an in all of World War II. Many more have been wounded. These deaths are in addition to the 2,400-plus American soldiers who have died in the war.

About damn time

John Kerry is finally fighting back to dispute the many lies spread about him by the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth."

Going after the crooks

If Congress has its jockey shorts, briefs and panties in a twist now over the FBI raid of a crooked Congressman’s office, just wait until they see what awaits them on the campaign trail this year.

Wartime President

George W. Bush obviously loves war — be it the unwinnable one in Iraq or an equally-challenging one within his own party.

Rove, Novak conspired to cover Valerie Plame leak

According to Murray Waas, one of the best investigative reporters working in Washington these days, White House presidential guru Karl Rove and right-wing columnist Robert Novak conspired to cover Rove’s involvement in the leaking of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame’s name to the press.

Pols wary of Hastert’s anti-FBI raid stance

While the leadership of the House of Representatives say they are upset the FBI had the audacity to raid the office of one of their own, corrupt Louisiana Democratic Congressman William Jefferson, other more level-headed members aren’t willing to put their dogs in that fight.

Stop the presses

First it was The New York Times going tabloid over the strange marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Then headlines in another paper scream: "BUSH MARRIAGE BREAKUP! Exclusive! Separate lives in the White House … Nasty fights … Booze problems … Laura urges counseling."