Copycat Coulter

Any student of Ann Coulter knows she’s never had an original thought about anything. Turns out she doesn’t write anything original either. Her prose is often copied from someone else without permission or attribution.

Norquist cries wolf

Grover Norquist, the fast-buck right-wing activist who never met a scheme he couldn’t cash in on, says John McCain is out to get him. If true, that’s reason enough to vote for McCain.

The final cut

Social scientists talk endlessly about the pros and cons of using castration on sex offenders but James Jenkins claims he is proof that taking the knife to his balls works.

Heart attack sends Ken Lay to final justice

Ken Lay, the George Bush friend headed for prison for his part in the collapse of energy giant Enron and the fraud that cost many investors everything they had, evaded jail the hard way, dying of a heart attack Wednesday morning.


A decorated Marine from Akron, Ohio, is returning one of the medals he earned for service in Iraq because, he says, it is “eye candy” and political.

Bush ordered Cheney to discredit Wilson

President George W. Bush personally directed Vice President Dick Cheney to launch a campaign to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson after Wilson discredited administration claims that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy material to build nuclear weapons.