Something about Hillary bothers supporters

Hillary Clinton may be the acknowledged frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008 but even those who say they support her have doubts.
Writes Lois Romano in The Washington Post :

Anna Shelley, a mother of three from Utah, says she is ready for a female president, and she is sure that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has what it takes.

Coulter craps out

Ann Coulter’s latest stunts may cost her some newspaper clients. One dropped her column this week and another is leaving the decision up to readers.

Novak the treasonous bastard

Robert Novak is a slimeball. Anyone who’s ever dealt with the right-wing blowhard knows that and we’ve, unfortunately, had a run-in or two with the pompous ass. So it’s no surprise that others share our low opinion of Mr. Novak.

Paris Hilton won’t put out

Only in America would an over-exposed sexpot swearing off sex for a year be considered news but that’s just how the media is playing Paris Hilton’s claim that she will stop putting out for the next 12 months.