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McCain lacks focus

John McCain calls himself an underdog. That may be an understatement. The GOP presidential candidate trails Democrat Barack Obama in polls, organization and money while trying to succeed a deeply unpopular fellow Republican in a year that favors Democrats.

McCain also doesn't seem to have a coherent message let alone much of a strategy despite securing the nomination three months earlier than Obama.

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Is Obama blowing it?

Is Barack Obama close to being shadowed by giant flip-flops and, worse, having the image stick with people all the way to the voting booth?

Four years ago, Republicans branded as a "flip-flop" even the slightest rhetorical or policy change by John Kerry and sent huge replicas of the casual sandals to bob around the Massachusetts Democrat's events, feeding an image of him as a wishy-washy panderer.

Fair or not, Kerry never recovered and lost to President Bush.

It's now the Republican weapon of choice against Obama.

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Is patriotism a real campaign issue?

Independence Day is usually the time Americans show off their good-natured patriotism. But this election year, the political fireworks have detonated around the question of whose service and patriotism is greater, John McCain's or Barack Obama's.

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Will Colin Powell endorse Obama?

Will Gen. Colin Powell endorse Sen. Barack Obama? It's the question rippling through Washington's chattering class conversations. These conversations were sparked by the National Journal's report that the two met privately on June 18 in Powell's Alexandria, Va. office and talked for about an hour.

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Racism will dominate election

America is, by and large, a nation dominated by racists and racism is expected to play a huge role in the upcoming Presidential elections.

As the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama had to overcome racism in his own party to gain the nomination. Now he faces unrelenting racism from the Republican spin machine.

But Republicans are already learning that racism can backfire on them.

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Swiftboating John McCain

General Wesley "Flap-jaw" Clark recently said of John McCain that "riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down" is no qualification to be president, and the immediate accusation was that he was guilty of "swiftboating." Two disgraceful things are going on here, starting with Clark's mouth.

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Obama reaches out to defiant Bill Clinton

Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, took the first step Monday  towards trying to bridge the sea of animosity that surrounds former President Bill Clinton but party insiders say Clinton is still seething over his wife's loss and wants Obama to beg for his support.

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