Thursday, November 23, 2017

Edwards is political toast

John Edwards lost a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. He likely blew a chance at a possible Cabinet post in a Barack Obama administration. And he may very well have lost any hope of being the voice for America's poor and forgotten.

Last May, ubiquitous activist Cindy Sheehan, perhaps sensing that her act was growing old, announced that she was retiring from the antiwar movement and going home to Berkeley.

We see it so often on the nightly television news that it no longer seems like news. John McCain and Barack Obama, attacking each other on just about every issue, domestic and global.

Politics and pizza

You probably think that because Barack Obama's favorite food is arugula lettuce, the Democrats, to try to "go green" at their national convention, are going to stick to their ban of fried foods at the Denver event. Wrong!

Remember the good old days when Barack Obama was campaigning for president on the vacuous pledges of hope and change without saying exactly what changes we should hope for? Well, now he's beginning to fill in the blanks with actual policy proposals, and it's becoming clearer by the minute that vacuous was better.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's top campaign strategist advised her to cast presidential rival Barack Obama as having questionable "roots to basic American values and culture" and use the theme to counter the image that his background is diverse and multicultural.

John McCain's Britney Spears/Paris Hilton campaign ad -- associating Barack Obama with talentless, empty-headed celebrity -- has a lot wrong with it. At best, it's a tacky exit onto the low road, and at worst, so some speculate, it's a vile attempt to resurrect the barely buried racist specter of the violation of white women by black men.

Sanctimony and John Edwards

A wise man used to tell me to be careful of those who are outwardly sanctimonious. What is inside may be entirely different. The moral claims of politicians and those who wear their religion on their sleeves were always suspect in his mind.

Hillary Rodham Clinton will headline her own night at the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama's campaign announced Sunday in a nod to her strong second-place showing in the party's presidential primary.

McCain slams Obama on Iraq

U.S. presidential candidate John McCain on Saturday again accused his opponent Barack Obama of defeatism and said the Democratic senator from Illinois did not have what it took to be the country's commander in chief.