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Both sides slinging lots of mud

For all the talk about John McCain's hard-hitting politics, Barack Obama is hardly innocent.

Both candidates and their allies are fully engaged in creating unflattering caricatures of each other that they hope will stick in voters' minds for the next three months.

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A close race in three key states

Peter Brown and Clay Richards have enough experience between them monitoring national politics to make their views stand out in the near deafening din of babble in the current presidential race. In fact, when it comes to putting things in perspective, the veteran reporters turned demographers are remarkably adept at distillation.

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The dangers of being liberal

One of the biggest contemporary ironies is that being liberal in the United States of America, home of history's greatest democracy, has become dangerous. That danger is particularly acute for religious liberals, as the recent tragedy in Knoxville, Tenn., demonstrated.

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Hey Barack! You ain’t the Prez yet!

You could be forgiven if you have the impression we have two presidents of late -- one elected, the other acting as if the November election is a mere formality. George W. Bush still holds the keys to the White House, but Barack Obama is assuming the trappings of office to a degree never before seen in American politics.
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