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Racists hope Obama wins

They're not exactly rooting for Barack Obama, but prominent white supremacists anticipate a boost to their cause if he becomes the first black president. His election, they say, would trigger a backlash — whites rising up, a revolution of sorts — that they think is long overdue.

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New life for an outdated concept

There was a time when national political conventions played a significant role in the selection of a president. But that was when party platforms meant something and before interminable primaries sucked the juice out of the event and when party bosses could still broker a deal in a smoke filled room.

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Is Obama ready to lead?

No question, the past few weeks of the presidential campaign have been all about Barack Obama. The press covered the presumptive Democratic nominee's trip to Afghanistan, Iraq and Europe as it would a sitting president. Yet despite ample coverage in favorable locales -- speaking before 200,000 screaming fans in Berlin, for instance -- Obama continues to struggle for dominance in the polls.

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Obama: McCain is no maverick

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took aim at Republican John McCain's maverick image on Wednesday as the campaign trail took another negative turn.

McCain hit Obama with a television advertisement that belittled him as "the biggest celebrity in the world," one who would raise taxes on families in America.

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Obama sells out the working class

Among the several unpleasant outgrowths of the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton death duel, perhaps the most disturbing was the widespread perception that the junior senator from New York was more attuned to the cares and hardships of the working class than her chic counterpart from Illinois.

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Senator Chris Matthews?

On his nightly MSNBC talk show called "Hardball," host Chris Matthews yaks incessantly about all sorts of things political.

But when asked if he might run in 2010 as the Democratic challenger to longtime Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia-area native hasn't had much to say.

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