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Politics and pizza

You probably think that because Barack Obama's favorite food is arugula lettuce, the Democrats, to try to "go green" at their national convention, are going to stick to their ban of fried foods at the Denver event. Wrong!

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Obama’s hype is wearing thin

Remember the good old days when Barack Obama was campaigning for president on the vacuous pledges of hope and change without saying exactly what changes we should hope for? Well, now he's beginning to fill in the blanks with actual policy proposals, and it's becoming clearer by the minute that vacuous was better.

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In defense of Britney and Paris

John McCain's Britney Spears/Paris Hilton campaign ad -- associating Barack Obama with talentless, empty-headed celebrity -- has a lot wrong with it. At best, it's a tacky exit onto the low road, and at worst, so some speculate, it's a vile attempt to resurrect the barely buried racist specter of the violation of white women by black men.

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