November 19, 2017 | In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bill Clinton once vowed to fight for voters "until the last dog dies." On Wednesday he shows how hard he will fight for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on the Clintons' last big day of the 2008 campaign.

Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, keynoting the Democratic National Convention, said Tuesday that American voters "have one shot to get it right" by electing Barack Obama president to end Republican leadership that is stuck in the past.

It seems to be a law of modern American politics that if there are conventions, there must be protesters.

True to that law, the protesters arrived in Denver along with the Democrats.

With Hillary Clinton supporters grudgingly coming on board, the Barack Obama forces are preparing to do battle with the 500-pound gorilla at the Democratic Convention -- John McCain.

Sen. Hillary Clinton's speech to the Hispanic caucus of the Democratic National Convention proved to be something of a bittersweet experience for her supporters. And she still has plenty of them among the caucus. They were the people wearing Hillary buttons. The men and women with tears in their eyes as she spoke.

Team Obama hopes the new technologies will draw increased involvement and voter turnout from groups, particularly the young.

Besides reaching new voters, the use of social networks, video conferences, and micro-messages are also effective for simply bypassing the media middlemen.

Snapshots from the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Denver:

Though the Democrats made every effort to offer healthy food for conventioneers, delegates and others are being forced to go fruit-free. Security is extremely tight, and checkpoints to enter the convention resemble security measures to enter an airport -- and then some.

Hillary Clinton will grab the spotlight at the Democratic convention on Tuesday in a speech designed to mend a lingering party rift and rally her frustrated supporters to Barack Obama's White House bid.

Michele Obama gets personal

Michelle Obama declared "I love this country" Monday as she sought to reassure the nation that she and her husband Barack share Americans' bedrock values and belief in a dream of a better future.

His voice firm, his wave familiar, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy told a cheering Democratic National Convention Monday night that his is "a season of hope" for an era of justice and fair prosperity with the election of Barack Obama as president.