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Protests more subdued

Originally, the antiwar march that started after an afternoon concert at Denver's Coliseum this week wasn't a permitted parade.

But when police got word Wednesday that thousands were expected to take to the streets in what had the potential to be the largest protest of the Democratic National Convention so far, they struck a deal with protest leaders.

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Obama set to make history

Barack Obama stands before delegates and the nation Thursday — the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I Have a Dream" speech — to accept the Democratic presidential nomination, the first black man to claim such a prize.

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Bill Clinton comes through for Obama

Former President Clinton gave his full-throated endorsement to Barack Obama's bid for the White House on Wednesday, telling delegates to the Democratic convention that Obama is "ready to lead America and restore American leadership in the world."

Clinton pushed back against attacks — initiated by himself and his wife during the bitter primary campaign, and later taken up by Republican John McCain — that Obama is ill-prepared for the White House, especially on matters of national defense.

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Is Iraq war still a major campaign issue?

The conventional wisdom that Iraq was THE dominant issue of the presidential campaign seem so outdated, replaced by worries about the economy and energy prices.

Yet the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan figured in speeches Wednesday, when vice presidential nominee Joe Biden took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention.

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Some Democrats fear Obama will lose

On stage, the convention's unfolding seamlessly. The speeches are slick, the messages managed masterfully and the love-fest strong enough to sweeten your morning coffee.

But away from the podium, concerns about Barack Obama and the future of the party have even some dedicated Democrats saying openly that they think the election's lost.

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Convention snapshots: Day 3

Snapshots from the third day of the Democratic National Convention:

It wasn't quite the sentiment the Barack Obama camp wanted to hear, but former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida had to put in a few good words for his old friend John McCain.

Speaking to the Florida delegation Wednesday, Graham had praise for both Obama and McCain.

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