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Obama supporters use technology

Team Obama hopes the new technologies will draw increased involvement and voter turnout from groups, particularly the young.

Besides reaching new voters, the use of social networks, video conferences, and micro-messages are also effective for simply bypassing the media middlemen.

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Democratic convention notes: Day 2

Snapshots from the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Denver:

Though the Democrats made every effort to offer healthy food for conventioneers, delegates and others are being forced to go fruit-free. Security is extremely tight, and checkpoints to enter the convention resemble security measures to enter an airport -- and then some.

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Crunch time for Dems

Chastened by their years in the minority and threats by the Republicans to make that status permanent, the Democrats are determined that nothing will derail their prospects of regaining the White House, and that begins with their convention in Denver.

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Democratic platform ain’t subtle

The platform that goes before the Democratic National Convention this week isn't based on subtle themes and gentle reminders.

Colorado Senate President Peter Groff, a member of the national panel that drafted the platform, says the document does not mince words on a variety of controversial issues.

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Obama faces many challenges

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama faces a challenge this week healing a party rift, confronting Republican rival John McCain more aggressively and fleshing out his rosy oratory with detailed policy.

Obama, 47, enters the Democratic party convention that will formally nominate him in a strong position, but he has yet to answer doubts among many Americans about where he would take the country if elected in November and whether he has the experience the job requires.

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