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Kennedy wows ’em in Denver

His voice firm, his wave familiar, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy told a cheering Democratic National Convention Monday night that his is "a season of hope" for an era of justice and fair prosperity with the election of Barack Obama as president.

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Crunch time for Dems

Chastened by their years in the minority and threats by the Republicans to make that status permanent, the Democrats are determined that nothing will derail their prospects of regaining the White House, and that begins with their convention in Denver.

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Democratic platform ain’t subtle

The platform that goes before the Democratic National Convention this week isn't based on subtle themes and gentle reminders.

Colorado Senate President Peter Groff, a member of the national panel that drafted the platform, says the document does not mince words on a variety of controversial issues.

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Notes from the Democratic convention

Some snapshots from the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Denver:


As with every national political convention, there are political causes being aired here that won't make the Democratic Party's platform or the evening news -- like vegetarianism.

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Obama faces many challenges

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama faces a challenge this week healing a party rift, confronting Republican rival John McCain more aggressively and fleshing out his rosy oratory with detailed policy.

Obama, 47, enters the Democratic party convention that will formally nominate him in a strong position, but he has yet to answer doubts among many Americans about where he would take the country if elected in November and whether he has the experience the job requires.

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Clinton will release delegates to Obama

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, hoping to unite the Democratic Party and cement her future in it, will gather her hard-won primary delegates Wednesday at a reception where she is expected to formally release them to Barack Obama.

The New York senator has invited her pledged delegates to a reception at the Colorado Convention Center, not far from the main Democratic National Convention arena.

The high-profile gathering of political regulars who once fought against Obama serves a dual purpose for Clinton: Show fellow Democrats that she can be a team player, and display her still-formidable political strengths for the future. Many of her supporters want her to run for president again.

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