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Ron Paul ends Presidential bid

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday night he is ending his campaign but will keep spreading his message by working to help elect libertarian-leaning Republicans to public office around the country.

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Some Dems hesitant about Obama

Nothing personal, Sen. Obama, but our re-election comes first. Barack Obama, for all his attention and primary successes, does not go over so well in a fair number of Democratic lawmakers' home districts. So it seems there is little chance that some will endorse him for president.

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Choosing a running mate ain’t easy

The basic rule of choosing a vice-presidential candidate is in the Hippocratic oath: First, do no harm.

Deep in their hearts, most presidential candidates would rather run alone and in most cases they'd probably be better off. Political strategists pay lip service to the idea that the running mate should help where the candidate is weak -- with a particular region or voting bloc.

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Remembering the primaries

Take a stroll down the 2007-2008 primary memory lane with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC in this video highlight reel that shows the highs and lows of the process and reveals what went right and mostly wrong in Campaign 2008.

It wasn't a pretty sight...but then politics seldom is. To paraphrase Will Rogers, there are two things we should probably never see made: sausage and Presidential candidates.

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The failure of GOP conservatism

Republicans, I suspect, are going to be drubbed this election year, but not because they gave the country more conservatism than it needed. A major reason is that they betrayed conservatism and let themselves be outwitted by their endlessly mistaken liberal opponents.

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Reality bites: Hillary bad for ticket

With Hillary Rodham Clinton headed for what many consider a well-deserved place in the political dustbin of has-beens, new polls suggest that she may be just what presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama does not need on his ticket as a Vice Presidential candidate.

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New ‘bimbo eruptions’ for Bill

As failed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton continues her behind-the-scenes quest for the vice presidential nomination, her long-shot hopes for even that job are being derailed by her husband's continued affairs with other women.

Actress Gina Gershon is just the latest young women to be linked with Hillary's philandering husband and Clinton insiders fear the former President's jet-set lifestyle will doom any real political future for his wife.

With presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama insisting that all potential candidates for Vice President -- including Hillary Clinton -- be fully "vetted" by his search team along with their spouses and family, aides to the New York Senator say any real scrutiny of Bill Clinton's activities will uncover more evidence of adultery.

"He's still screwing around," grumbles one Clinton insider. "He always has and probably always will."

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Bill Clinton may walk away mad and not campaign for Obama

An angry, defiant Bill Clinton is threatening to walk away mad and not campaign for presumptive Presidential nominee Barack Obama, telling close friends and supporters that his wife has been "mistreated, maligned and smeared" by the party's power structure.

Calls to Clinton's office for comment were not returned over the weekend but sources close to the Clintons tell Capitol Hill Blue the former President is "pissed as hell" over his wife's defeat for the nomination and blames the Democratic Party power structure for "turning their backs on her" when he felt they could have made the difference in the nominating process.

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What now for the Clintons?

It's hard to say where the Clintons go from here.

The smiling, some say gracious, Hillary Rodham Clinton who faced her supporters Saturday to finally, belatedly and reluctantly endorse Barack Obama masked a political animal seething with anger, feeling betrayal from the Democratic political power structure she and her former President husband once ruled.

For nearly four decades, the Clintons have defied the odds, winning in the face of diversity and confounding the experts with their determination while angering even their staunchest allies with unbridled ruthlessness and an almost gleeful desire to plunge the knife of revenge into those they feel wronged them.
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Race still a problem for Obama

Joyce Susick is the type of voter who might carry Barack Obama to the White House — or keep him out. A registered Democrat in a highly competitive state, she is eager to replace George W. Bush, whom she ranks among the worst presidents ever.

There's just one problem.

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