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No room for third parties

Be honest. What have you learned from the first two presidential debates? Do you expect to be any more enlightened by Wednesday night's third and final showdown between Barack Obama and John McCain?

If you're like my friends and associates outside the newsroom, you're setting the bar pretty low. If these "debates" have proven anything, they confirm our two-party choice is dumb and dumber (you pick).

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More ethics problems for Palin

The Alaska state Personnel Board investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin's firing of Walt Monegan has broadened to include other ethics complaints against the governor and examination of actions by other state employees, according to the independent counsel handling the case.

The investigator, Tim Petumenos, did not say who else is under scrutiny. But in two recent letters describing his inquiry, he cited the consolidation of complaints and the involvement of other officials as a reason for not going along with Palin's request to make the examination of her activities more public.

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Dealing with military desertions

Danny Yamonico had three strikes against her when she enlisted in the Army.

A back injury. A history of mental health problems. A girlfriend.

She says her recruiter knew she knew she was gay and about the other issues but pressed her to join anyway. At the end of boot camp, her back was aching. She knew she'd made a mistake. She wanted out.

"There's just no way ... I should have been in the military," Yamonico said.

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Crunch time for McCain

Falling behind in the polls, Republican candidate John McCain hopes to shake up the presidential race in his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama, who will be looking to close the deal with voters unhappy with the country's direction.

Both are likely to emphasize pocketbook issues, a burning concern as financial institutions wobble and voters feel the pinch of a faltering economy. Each released proposals this week for how to boost the economy.

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McCain tries one more comeback

Republican presidential nominee John McCain on Monday sought to assure supporters he can come from behind to defeat Democrat Barack Obama, who proposed new ways to address the economic turmoil.

"My friends, we've got them just where we want them," McCain told rallies in Virginia and North Carolina as he tried to breathe new life into his campaign after a two-week tailspin due largely to his reaction to the U.S. financial crisis.

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Another Sarah Palin screwup

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin mistook some of her own fans for hecklers Monday at a rally that drew thousands.

A massive crowd of at least 20,000 spread across the parking lot of Richmond International Raceway, and scores of people on the outer periphery more than 100 yards from the stage could not hear.

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Can Obama win Indiana?

They don't vote for Democratic presidential candidates very often in this state. The last time was 1964 and Lyndon Johnson had managed to scare the stuffing out of the electorate with allegations that if they voted for Republican Barry Goldwater the result would be an extended war in Southeast Asia, and rioting in the streets at home.

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No more boomer Presidents

Whatever this national election's outcome, one thing seems clear: it marks the end of the boomers' presidential reign. As if applying a devastating coda to this era's highly leveraged lifestyle, our current financial crisis indicates that we have reached the end of that political generation's dysfunctional hyper-partisanship and lack of fiscal discipline.

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Debunking the rumor mill

Smears spread as rumors are an unfortunate but seemingly inevitable fact of life in political campaigns. And in the 21st century it's also a fact of life that the Internet is the best way of knocking down those rumors and also the most effective way of spreading them.

Reporter Thomas Hargrove of Scripps Howard News Service and professor Guido Stempel of Ohio University set out to collect the three most egregious and common rumors about the two major candidates and then conduct a poll to find out how widely the smears had spread and what their likely influence might be.

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Obama increases lead in polls

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is leading his Republican rival John McCain 53 percent to 43 percent among likely voters, according to a Washington Post-ABC News opinion poll released on Monday.

Sixty-four percent of voters now view Obama favorably, up six percentage points from early September, according to the poll taken after Tuesday night's presidential debate.

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