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Fitting tribute to news icon

Luke Russert touches the chair his father occupied on Meet the Press for more than 16 years. The chair sat empty Sunday for a tribute to Russert in the program's normal time slot (Reuters Photo)

Tim Russert's chair was empty on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, two days after his unexpected death.

But Russert was very much present on the full-hour tribute to this giant of political journalism who hosted NBC's public-affairs program for more than 16 years.

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The ‘Net results on political fact

Americans dissatisfied with political sound bites are turning to the Internet for a more complete picture, a new study finds.

In a report Sunday, the Pew Internet and American Life Project said that nearly 30 percent of adults have used the Internet to read or watch unfiltered campaign material — footage of debates, position papers, announcements and transcripts of speeches.

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Edwards open to VP job

Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards said Sunday he would have to "seriously" consider another shot at the job if asked by White House hopeful Barack Obama.

But the former North Carolina senator, who unsuccessfully ran for the party's nomination this year and was on John Kerry's ticket in 2004, reaffirmed that he was not actively seeking to be Obama's running mate.

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Republicans running short on cash

House rank and file Republicans are tens of millions of dollars short of meeting fundraising targets set by their own campaign committee in advance of this fall's elections, according to figures circulating among the leadership, heightening concerns inside the party about major losses in November.

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Russert’s unlikely path

Whether mapping the latest twist in the campaign trail or predicting what was likely to be next, Tim Russert was the newsman people in power watched carefully — along with the nation's viewers.

Adding to Russert's credibility as Washington's most prominent journalist was his style as an interviewer, particularly as host of "Meet the Press," which he took over in 1991. With a sheaf of documents and notes to paw through, he confronted his guests with past quotes that often contradicted what they had said or done since.

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Welcome to the campaign, Mr. Obama

Pitching himself to voters as a centrist candidate with a slight adjustment to the left who appeals to both sides of the political aisle and is a prototypical outsider is going to be a tough sell for Barack Obama who has supported his party's line for the two years he has been in the Senate and is advised by leading insiders.

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Tough times, conventional ideas

It is dawning on us that frightening gasoline prices, the demoralizing housing slump, job layoffs, drained savings accounts and higher health costs are not going away.

"Why It's Worse Than You Think," screamed the headline of a Newsweek story this month. It argues that the Pollyannas who promised a quick recovery in the second half of 2008 were "dead wrong."

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Tim Russert: 1950-2008

Tim Russert, NBC's Washington Bureau Chief and moderator of Meet The Press, died Friday of a massive heart attack while taping a segment of Sunday's news interview program. He was 58.

His sudden and shocking death left many in Washington and the journalism profession stunned and searching for the right words.

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