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Barack Obama’s many challenges

Even in the powerful afterglow of historic Election Day 2008, realism makes us ask: What will Barack Obama's first 100 days in office mean for us?

Americans are known for their eagerness for a new president to succeed. We do give each one a honeymoon. We traditionally have suspended judgment for 100 days, preferring to be believers in a new administration. Already, some voters who vehemently supported John McCain are rushing to take credit for Obama's victory. (However, if he proves a disappointment, they will just as quickly distance themselves from him.)

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Time for Republicans to come to Jesus

Congratulations to Barack Obama, the incoming 44th President of the United States. He soon will fill America's highest office after a nearly flawless, first-time White House bid. He demonstrates that education, eloquence, and elegance trump lingering racial bias. His staunchly left-liberal ideas aside, he inspires in many ways. May he govern justly and make every American proud.

Now, what about those who Obama and his supporters vanquished? What the Republican Party badly needs is a Night of the Long Knives.

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Altering the red-blue divide

Barack Obama's historic victory has created a new electoral map.

Several red Republican states turned blue for Democrats on Election Day. Some blue states turned even bluer. Predictably, the result has buoyed Democrats and depressed Republicans. Less predictable is whether the change will last.

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Being part of history

My son, a nominal Republican, called from the West Coast to inform me that he had just voted for Barack Obama.

"I just felt l had to be a part of history," he said excitedly. "I wanted to be able to say that I helped elect the first African American president of the United States."

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So, what’s in it for you?

The election of Barack Obama was a transformational moment in American politics, a seismic shift in the political landscape, a rejection of the old, hard-edged ideologically driven campaigns.

And so perhaps you, like so many other Americans, are asking, "What's in it for me?"

The answer comes back in these perilous financial times -- a steady job in the Obama administration. It's well-paid work, white-collar, indoors, no heavy lifting and good for four years and, with luck, maybe eight.

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The real meaning of Obama’s victory

President-elect Barack Obama's win is so cataclysmically historic one knows not where to begin. First, his victory signifies the death of the Old South and President Nixon's infamous "Southern Strategy," which the GOP has used successfully for almost four decades to win presidential elections.

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Being black and white in America

Summer, 1990. I'm looking something up in the Harvard Law Review, and I notice the name of the review president on the issue's masthead: Barack Obama. My first thought (I'm white, by the way): A black guy is president of the Harvard Law Review. My second thought: He's got one of those "radical" names politicized people gave their kids in the 1960s. My third thought: I wonder if this is an affirmative action thing?

Welcome to being black in America.

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Redefining campaign finance

Here in the company town of Washington, D.C. the assembly lines spent 2008 mass producing their one industrial product that can't be outsourced and has made the city gloriously recession-proof.

So they were blithely working their craft -- manufacturing loopholes -- in gleaming factories on K Street and in sweatshops on Capitol Hill and the executive bureaucracy. Suddenly truth gave them a kick in the aspirations.

One of their most lucrative loopholes was unraveling, right before their disbelieving eyes.

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A little political song and dance

Some of you may have wondered how I've stayed sane in the last weeks of the presidential election campaign, assuming, of course, you think I was ever sane, a point of contention in some circles.

I became a thespian. I realize that being a thespian does not sound the most muscular thing for one who styles himself as the Crocodile Dundee of the suburbs, especially as my part calls for me to wear feathers and tights.

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What now for Sarah Palin?

Can Sarah Palin go home again?

In the 68 days since Alaska's governor began her run for vice president, things have changed on the home front. Some of her former allies are fuming, and former enemies are lying in wait. Public perceptions of the governor have also changed. Has the governor changed as well?

Questions about Palin's future began to circulate at Alaska's Election Central on Tuesday night almost as soon as the national election results came in.

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