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Obama unleashes transition teams

US president-elect Barack Obama is sending evaluators to study the sprawling US bureaucracy to help him determine how best to meet his administration's goals when he takes office on January 20. Obama's 450-strong transition team will scour more than 100 departments and agencies for data to underpin new policies as soon as his inauguration ushers in an historic presidency.
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Palin? Don’t bet against her

Whatever Sarah Palin's future in politics outside Alaska, she will go down as one of the most trashed and controversial vice presidential candidates in American history, a victim of some bad journalism, a negative atmosphere she helped create, her shallow qualifications and sabotage by those who chose her as an improbable running mate for John McCain.
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Wanted: A new leader for Republicans

The US Republican Party, once dominant now in disarray, is beginning the search for a leader to chart a course out of the wilderness after the presidential and congressional elections disaster. President George W. Bush and his political guru Karl Rove once dreamed of building a conservative coalition that would outlast them. But Bush will leave Washington in January with Democrats monopolizing power in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
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A Presidential right of passage

The first meeting of incoming and outgoing presidents has been a rite of passage fraught with emotion, surprises and the rare exchange of secrets between leaders of opposite political parties. On Monday, President Bush will welcome President-elect Obama to the White House, and the 43rd and 44th presidents will make nice. This, after a hard-fought campaign in which one of Obama's most effective strategies was to rail against the "failed policies" of the current president.
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A relaxed Obama and ‘Mutts like me’

It popped out casually, a throwaway line as he talked to reporters about finding the right puppy for his young daughters.

But with just three offhanded words in his first news conference as president-elect, Barack Obama reminded everyone how thoroughly different his administration — and inevitably, this country — will be.

"Mutts like me."

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Palin strikes back at ‘cowards’

Gov. Sarah Palin denounced anonymous criticisms leveled at her by former John McCain aides as lies, including allegations that Republican lawyers were traveling to Alaska to reclaim her high-priced wardrobe and that she didn't know Africa was a continent.

"Those accounts are not true," the former Republican vice presidential candidate said in her first public comments on the matter since the election Tuesday.

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Sailing into a sea of problems

President-elect Barack Obama prepared to hold his first post-election news conference Friday as he lost little time in assembling an administration that is sailing into a sea of troubles.

With stock markets once again in freefall, Obama was to convene a meeting of his high-powered panel of economic advisers before the first press conference since his triumph in Tuesday's election against Republican John McCain.

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Barack Obama’s many challenges

Even in the powerful afterglow of historic Election Day 2008, realism makes us ask: What will Barack Obama's first 100 days in office mean for us?

Americans are known for their eagerness for a new president to succeed. We do give each one a honeymoon. We traditionally have suspended judgment for 100 days, preferring to be believers in a new administration. Already, some voters who vehemently supported John McCain are rushing to take credit for Obama's victory. (However, if he proves a disappointment, they will just as quickly distance themselves from him.)

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Time for Republicans to come to Jesus

Congratulations to Barack Obama, the incoming 44th President of the United States. He soon will fill America's highest office after a nearly flawless, first-time White House bid. He demonstrates that education, eloquence, and elegance trump lingering racial bias. His staunchly left-liberal ideas aside, he inspires in many ways. May he govern justly and make every American proud.

Now, what about those who Obama and his supporters vanquished? What the Republican Party badly needs is a Night of the Long Knives.

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Altering the red-blue divide

Barack Obama's historic victory has created a new electoral map.

Several red Republican states turned blue for Democrats on Election Day. Some blue states turned even bluer. Predictably, the result has buoyed Democrats and depressed Republicans. Less predictable is whether the change will last.

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