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Minnesota: The election that never ends

With the state Canvassing Board ready to award the last pile of votes in Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount, Democrat Al Franken clung to a narrow lead over Republican incumbent Norm Coleman. The final count, however, showed no sign of being settled soon.

On Tuesday, the board was scheduled to award votes from a remaining group of about 5,000 challenges that had been withdrawn by both campaigns. Based on a draft report released late Monday by the secretary of state's office, Franken will have earned 48 more votes than Coleman once those votes are allotted.

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Is Emanuel tangled in Blago’s web?

Gov. Rod Blagojevich is legendary in Illinois political circles for not picking up the phone or returning calls, even from important figures like the state's senior senator, Dick Durbin.

But there was always one call Blagojevich regularly took, say his aides, and that was from Rahm Emanuel — his congressman, his one-time campaign adviser and, more recently — and troubling for Emanuel — one of his contacts with President-elect Barack Obama's transition staff.

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The candidate of change opts for experience

The candidate of change has wholeheartedly embraced experience in choosing his Cabinet.

President-elect Barack Obama has tapped senators and representatives, governors and veteran bureaucrats to help him confront the challenges of two wars, a crippled financial system and a deepening recession.

His reliance on experienced officials may seem a bit at odds with his campaign theme of "change we can believe in." But some Democratic activists and nonpartisan analysts say it makes sense, given the dire economic problems and public anxiety.

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Is Palin hanging out with drug dealers?

During the Presidential campaign, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused Democratic nominee Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists" because he happened to know former Weather Underground bomber William Ayers.

Now it looks like her daughter's future mother in law may be a drug dealer. So who's palling around with whom? Keith Olbermann examines the issue on MSNBC:

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Franken takes lead in Minnesota recount

Democrat Al Franken edged ahead of Republican incumbent Norm Coleman on Friday for the first time in Minnesota's long-running U.S. Senate recount. Franken opened up a slight lead by the end of the fourth day of a state Canvassing Board meeting to decide the fate of hundreds of disputed ballots. The change was notable because Coleman led Franken in election night returns and also held a 188-vote lead before the board took up challenged ballots. But its significance was limited, with the possibility the lead could change again before the long recount ends.

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Blago: ‘Hell no, I won’t go!’

Facing federal corruption charges that threaten to end his political career, Gov. Rod Blagojevich has made clear to the world what those close to him know well: He's not one to be easily fazed.

"I have done nothing wrong. And I'm not going to quit a job that people hired me to do because of false accusations and a political lynch mob," a composed yet combative Blagojevich said Friday, addressing the public for the first time since his arrest 10 days earlier.

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Clinton donors include Saudis, Blackwater

Former US president Bill Clinton has disclosed big-ticket donors to his charitable foundation, including numerous foreign governments and business interests.

Clinton was prompted to reveal the names of more than 200,000 donors in a bid to stem fears for his wife Hillary Clinton's nomination to become US secretary of state under incoming president Barack Obama.

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Automakers headed for ‘orderly bankruptcy?’

President George W. Bush said Thursday he was determined to resolve the crisis surrounding ailing US automakers before he left the White House, with "orderly bankruptcy" an option being considered.

As Detroit-based auto manufacturers struggled to find survival options and a possible government rescue, General Motors rejected reports it was reopening merger talks with Chrysler.

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